The minister of sports Altai Territory spoke "Mortal Kombat" with participation of the judoist in Barnaul

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The minister of sports Aleksey Perfilyev declared Altai Territory that while department has no official information from militiamen on the fight which has happened at one of the Barnaul Municipality of Bar. In its course as writes Telegram-kanal Unusual Crimes Barnaul, the young judoist allegedly incidentally killed the opponent. Meanwhile Aleksey Perfilyev promised earlier that the athletes who have become persons involved in such stories, will undergo sanctions from the ministry. According to Unusual Crimes Barnaul, incident happened early in the morning on July 10, on a parking before Municipality of Bar Che Guevara. There two young people NON-COMMERCIAL HORTICULTURAL ASSOCIATION "SOYUZ ARKHITEKTOROV" 18 fought and...

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