On the verge of an emergency: The wasp remained without water

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On the verge of an emergency. Practically without water there was a Wasp. Water supply systems in the city are transferred to work on the schedule. Schedules work only at paper. The problem arises from a year year. Water intake reconstruction is necessary to municipality. Design and budget documentation made in the 2015th, but in the federal program to get in any way it is not possible. How the city standing on deep Kama reached a drought? .
Tatyana Vinokurova
Last position: Acting as head of administration (Administration of municipal unit Vyritsky urban settlement of the Gatchina municipal district of the Leningrad region)
Aleksey Grigoryev
Last position: Mayor, Head of administration (ADMINISTRATION OF THE OSA CITY GORODSKOGO OKRUGA)
Sypacheva Helena
Korsakov Boris