The championship Russian Federation on sports orientation

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In Okulovka from May 20 to May 23 passed the Championship Russian Federation on sports orientation. The strongest athletes took part in competitions Russian Federation. Following the results of the Championship Russian Federation winners and prize-winners among women became: 1 place – Tatyana Ryabkina (Novgorod Region); The 2nd place – Svetlana Mironov (Nizhny Novgorod Region); The 3rd place – Novikova Julia (Novgorod Region). Among men: 1 place – Novikov Leonid (Belgorod Region); The 2nd place – Serebryanitsky Konstantin (Leningrad Region); The 3rd place – Kuleshov Mikhail (Voronezh Region)...
Svetlana Mironov
Last position: The professional athlete on sports orientation
Novikova Julia
Novikov Leonid
Serebryanitsky Konstantin