The dream of reason approaches new elections

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Crisis arose not yesterday and Three times in a row in Israel will come to the end not tomorrow the government, and hardly the fourth attempt could not create will be successful. Such occurs for the first time from the moment of state declaration in 1948. It means that it is available not casual arithmetic fluctuations, and the political crisis which has captured all society. Analysis should be begun situations with results of recent elections. Probably, not all remember exact figures, for convenience of readers I bring them. "Likud" Party – 30 mandates, "Yesh Atid" – 17, ShAS – 9, "Kakhol-lavan" – 8, "Yamina", HaAvoda, NDI, "Yaadut ha-Tora" – on 7...

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Recep Erdogan
Last position: President of the Republic of Turkey (President of Turkey)
Yair Lapid
Last position: Chairman of the party ("Yesh Atid")
Yoel Edelshteyn
Last position: Minister (Ministry of Health of State of Israel)
Political ideology:Islamism, Palestinian nationalism.
Political ideology:National liberalism, Zionism revisionism.
Political party "Yevreysky dom"
Political ideology:Religious Zionism, Judaism, Nationalism
Political ideology:Socialist Zionism, social democracy.