Fighter of UFC Palatnikov Alexander: "I smoke a grass of 12 years, the big fan of mushrooms. I have many positive impressions of it"

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Polusredneves UFC <"0>" Sasha Palatnikov admitted that uses substances between fights. "I am the heavy smoker of a grass. I smoke 12 years, but very much I control it. I do not smoke month after fight. Also I am the big fan of mushrooms, the great admirer psikhodelikov. I had many positive impressions of it. Microdispensing and so forth. I would like to go for transfer Dzhozef James Rogan and to tell about it. I mean that I for the first time openly speak about it. Many even are surprised that I smoke a grass. For me it is a standard subject. In it a charm Las Vegas, it is absolutely lawful. Though I do not drink, in general...

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Dzhozef James Rogan (Joe Rogan)
Last position: Chief commentator (UFC)
Palatnikov Alexander