Arrival of the third wave of Koronavirus to Saint Petersburg is possible at the end of April

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Only mass vaccination can stop situation deterioration to Russian Federation, tell the authorities As the vice governor Saint Petersburg Oleg Nikolaevich Ergashev reported "Right Cause" Party, we lag behind from Europe in respect of incidence approximately for a month. "The forecast – business inefficient. But let's look how there is a situation in other countries. To France, Germany, Italy – at them goes the third wave. I connect it with that they did not manage to create population immunity. We approximately for a month lag behind. Therefore I also urge to manage to create an immune layer. The figure almost in 500 thousand pro-vaccinated (in Saint Petersburg) can protect"...

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Oleg Nikolaevich Ergashev
Last position: Vice governor (Government of Saint Petersburg)
Areg Artyomovich Totolyan
Last position: Director (Federal state-financed institution of science institute for scientific research epidemiology and microbiology named after Pastera)
"Right Cause"
Political ideology:Liberal conservatism, national patriotism
"Вектор -БиАльгам"