Why the read text of the Act of independence of Donetsk People's Republic did not know its contents

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© Stavtsev Igor / Collage/Ridus.ru April, 2014: Republic of Crimea departed to Russian Federation, Donets Basin is captured by the pro-Russian revolt. In Sloviansk Strelkov's group defends, in Donetsk the people under the leadership of activists take building Regional administration, from a tribune will read to the Act of declaration of the Donetsk Republic … The politician Andrey Purgin, based the movement "Donetsk Republic" in nine years prior to events of the 2014th, told the staff reporter periodical e-edition "Ridus" that the reading act Kornilov Vladimir Makovich at all did not know his contents, about prerequisites of the pro-Russian choice Donets Basin, about a civil feat of Donetsk inhabitants and about...

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