Why the prices grow in Kyrgyzstan? And whether there is an exit? Analysts of the Union of communists of Kyrgyzstan] explai

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The analytical department of the Union of communists of Kyrgyzstan shared the opinion on the rise in prices reasons in the country: Today came into shop behind vegetable oil and did not fall nearly. Still yesterday there was a price of 150 som for liter, today already 170! And after all a year ago the price was 80-90 som! What happened? There was a sunflower crop failure in all countries at the same time? Eggs went up in price to 120 then fell to 95-100 som for ten. What's the reason? Hens began to lay eggs less? On all poultry farms there was a pestilence? Like anything such was not! Why gasoline rose in price? Began less or to get more? Demand grew or fell? Who...

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