Dmitry Alekseevich Polyansky asked Christophe Khoysgen "not to muddle" about access to Republic of Crimea

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To read media holding "REN TV" in the First zampostpreda Russian Federation at United Nations Dmitry Alekseevich Polyansky scarified the German diplomat Christophe Khoysgen, declared "violation" of human rights in Republic of Crimea. According to him, Christophe Khoysgen "kartinno is distressed", speaking about "violations" on the peninsula. "Ask your compatriots, including from the Bundestag which regularly in Republic of Crimea happen. Personally you, by the way, and we, and Crimeans to Republic of Crimea invited. Perhaps, you simply overspent and hint that we bought the ticket to you? So tell directly, why to muddle", - Dmitry Alekseevich Polyansky noted. Zampostpreda added that it is better and simpler to visit Republic of Crimea and...

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Vladimir Putin
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Vasilii Alekseevich Nebenzya
Last position: Constant representative of the Russian Federation (UN)
Dimitri Alekseevich Polyansky
Last position: First deputy (Permanent mission of the Russian Federation at UN)
Christophe Khoysgen
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