Prickly as a burdock, the blogger Snegirev Valentine showed himself for February 23 in a uniform of the officer on pleasure Schneider and With

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To great chagrin of sneaks and regulators to which as a pricker in the back the tireless blogger Snegirev Valentine with the investigations and anti-corruption demarches (to regulators bothered it was more pleasant to consider that "Snegirev" is a phantom, feyk from Internet), Snegirev Valentine appeared in pablike FB in the form of the Russian officer, confirming again and again that it - is very real. Snegirev Valentine congratulated residents of Penza on Day of defenders of the Fatherland, having proved to shoulder straps and a peak-cap that he and intends to protect further basic state values from are nasty. Probably, it is quite good that there are the people who are not passing by...

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Snegirev Valentine
Ivan Belozertsev