From 270 thousand shekels to zero – what severance benefits will be received by the left deputies

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Recently in Parliament of State of Israel strong "routine" is observed. In a kaleidoscope of promptly changing political patterns new figures which so promptly vanish from a look constantly flash. Though deputies formally also are not civil servants, they have a special status – "people's deputy". It considers inevitable temporariness of deputy situation. After all they have no constant employer, and there are people choosing or deposing them. However any work not only is paid for the law – certain social rights are applied to it also. To deputies at dismissal from Parliament of State of Israel too...

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Gabi Ashkenazi
Last position: Minister (Ministry foreign affairs of State Israel)
Rafi Perets
Last position: Minister (Ministry for Jerusalem and diaspora of State of Israel)
Офер Шелах
Last position: Party leader (Tnufa)
Political ideology:National liberalism, Zionism revisionism.
"Yesh Atid"
Political ideology:Liberalism.
Political party "Yevreysky dom"
Political ideology:Religious Zionism, Judaism, Nationalism