The inhabitant Navapolatsk, scattered "hedgehogs" on the carriageway] is detaine

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On January 21, Minsk / BELTA/Correspondent. The inhabitant Navapolatsk which scattered "hedgehogs" on the carriageway is detained. Such information the press secretary placed in the Telegram-channel Ministries of Internal Affairs Olga Chemodanova, reports Belarusian cable agency "Belta". In the morning on November 14, 2020 in Navapolatsk started motor rally "For uniform Belarus! ". The route passed through Verkhnedvinsk, Miora, Sharkovshchina, Deep and finished at a monument to liberators Polack ". That day did not do without incident: when the transport column passed near the settlement Borovukha-1 of the Polotsk area, in six cars wheels broke through. Damages became result of arrival...

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