His soul warmed and ignited everything round itself

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On January 5, 2021 226 years since the birth of the diplomat, the poet, the playwright, the translator and the composer Griboedov Alexander were executed. From noblemen of Pushkin generation Griboedov Alexander was one of the most educated people of the time, masterfully used French, English, German, Italian, Greek, Latin languages, and later mastered Arab, Persian and Turkish. He was the great pianist, had composer talent. Having arrived in Irkutsk Hussars, Griboedov Alexander made friends with the aide-de-camp of the general Kologrivov Begichev Stepan. Having become friends for the rest of life, on...

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Griboedova A. S.
Yermolov Aleksey
Alaverdyants M. Ya.
Griboedov Alexander
Berzhe Adolf