The Ukrainian gas on hundred billion rubles was in pledge at Russian Federation

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The Ukrainian gas for the sum of 100 billion rubles got to pledge to Russian Federation. It is part of property of the billionaire Dimitri Firtash which transferred in the corresponding status of the Russian NPO "Fund promaktivov". By data daily business newspaper "RBK daily", information on it contains in reportings the organizations for 2019. It is specified that assets are declared as means for providing on loan money for holding operations to Ostchem H.L. which is a part of <0> Group of Group DF under the direction of Dimitri Firtash. Within the transaction to the Russian fund provided actions of companies in Cyprus, promaktivov to Ostchem, and also a row Ukrainian and European...

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Dimitri Firtash
Last position: Chairman of the board (Group DF)
SC Vnesheconombank
Main activity:Finance
Group DF
Main activity:Operations with real estate, rent and other services