Tomorrow gala opening of art space of Cube.Moscow] will take plac

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On April 23 at 19:00 gala opening of art space of Cube.Moscow within whom start seven new projects in resident galleries will take place. The Cubed3 gallery will show works of the Petersburg authors NON-COMMERCIAL HORTICULTURAL ASSOCIATION "SOYUZ ARKHITEKTOROV" artists of open studio "Unsubdued, 17". United by the subject "Different in the Whole", Afonina  Anna, Alisa Gorelova, Drozd Irina, Semen Motolyanets, Yvan Plyushchev, Tatyana Podmarkova and Spechinskaya Natalia will present the vision of coexistence and an exit from the individual world to the general space that conformably to idea of all space of Cube.Moscow.Fragment will present the first Moscow personal...