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Vladimir Medinsky opened the first case of a new student's complex Moscow state conservatory P. I. Tchaikovsky's name

the Minister of Culture Russian Federation Vladimir Medinsky participated in a ceremonial opening of the first case of a new student's complex Moscow state conservatory P. I. Tchaikovsky's name on Small Georgian. Action is dated for birthday higher education institutions which is celebrated on September 1.


"It, by and large, only the project beginning, all will be three such cases, united by huge general stilobatny part", - were told by the Minister, having added that by the project is provided not only 900 places for accommodation of students and teachers, but also more than 60 audiences for occupations, a sports complex, the pool, a gym and choreographic classes.

the Minister emphasized that in connection with construction the territory of a student's complex will be arranged well. "The old, obsolete building communicates, there will be a park zone and public space", - he noted.

"Can be told with full responsibility that one musical institution in the world has no similar material resources, and we are grateful to Moscow Government which met requirements of us, having coordinated implementation of this ambitious and important project", - told chapter Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation. It also expressed gratitude to the management higher education institutions which "charged itself, besides professional, a huge number of the administrative and administrative problems connected with construction, especially in so short time".

Chapter Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation also noted that the project is urged to increase number of foreign students.

"We know

is highly appreciated in the world. Our musical education – the most competitive in the world, and we count that there will be many new students - not only Russian, but also foreign", - Vladimir Medinsky told. "We in every possible way welcome that to us came to study as much as possible students because it is people will be our ambassadors of the world. Those who will get education to Russian Federation, especially in conservatory, are our supporters", - the Minister emphasized. "When we trained the director, the performer, the conductor, the love to our country which he will absorb in young years, he will transfer to thousands and million admirers of art around the world", - the head of federal department summarized.

In return, the rector Moscow state conservatory P. I. Tchaikovsky's name Alexander Sokolov noted that opening is dated for MGK birthday, also today in the Big hall of Conservatory the concert to the 110 anniversary Oystrakh Davide will take place. Alexander Sokolov also reminded that three years ago in the basis of the future of buildings put a capsule with the message to descendants.

the Rank of consecration of buildings were carried out by the metropolitan Illarion who itself graduated from the State Moscow state conservatory P. I. Tchaikovsky's name and is the member of his board of trustees.

the New case - the first of three as a part of a student's complex. Besides a hostel on 900 places, in its structure rehearsal rooms, cinema and concert and assembly halls on 150 and 200 places, sports and medical blocks, and also dining room on 40 places are provided. In two underground levels the parking will take place.