On a form of the Ukrainian national team on soccer there was a slogan "Glory to Ukraine!"

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the Federation of soccer of Ukraine presented to

Soccer federation Ukraine

Besides traditional yellow and blue sets, the Ukrainian football players had the third option of a form — white with gold inscriptions. Over surnames of football players the slogan "Glory to Ukraine is placed! "

of FFU presented a new form of the team
to Sport.ua

the Innovation already caused questions in RFS. As the member of executive committee of department Igor Lebedev declared in interview of radio station "Govorit Moskva", similar inscriptions on a form are not provided by rules.

"There is quite certain set of things which can be put. This name of the country, surname of the player, his number and the country coat of arms, but any slogans on a football form is not provided" — he told. The representative of RFS noted that the relevant committees of FIFA or UEFA have to consider this violation.

"The speech that the policy and sports are incompatible, goes every day. But, nevertheless, we see that, unfortunately, all the same the policy interferes in all spheres of our life including in sports" — Igor Lebedev added.

Slogan "Glory to Ukraine! " it is used since the beginning of the XX century. In option "Glory to Ukraine! " — "To heroes glory! " it was widespread among members of the Organization of the Ukrainian nationalists and the Ukrainian insurgent army (it is recognized extremist and it is forbidden to Russian Federation) at the beginning of World War II. The slogan received special popularity in Ukraine in time of "orange revolution" 2004 and Evromaydan at the end of the 2013th — the beginning of the 2014th.

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