Vladimir Putin called the most demanded professions of the future

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President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin during a meeting with pupils of the educational center "Sirius" assumed that in the future hi-tech specialties become the most demanded professions, transfers information agency "RIA Novosti" .

according to the Russian leader, new laboratories and halls of the center were created counting on preparation by the most demanded professions.

"It and the industry of large numbers, their processing, Artificial intelligence, Robotics, pilotless flying, underwater, land and any pilotless devices, is genetics and everything that with it is connected, biology, agriculture", – Vladimir Putin told.

the President also added that it does not mean that lawyers and economists will not be demanded. "The number of these experts has to meet the requirements of a labor market", – he told.

Earlier the head of state told

to school students that got used to analyze the reasons which prevent it to achieve bigger result, instead of composed success.