Many offers did not sound anywhere – Alexander Sidyakin about the address Vladimir Putin earlier

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President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin addressed today to Russians and told about offers on mitigation of pension changes. Inkazan interrogated deputies of State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation from Republic of Tatarstan and the republican State Council.

President of the Russian Federation designated the position in six points. Preservation of privileges and introduction of responsibility for dismissal workers of pre-retirement age became one of the main reduction of a retirement age for women since earlier designated 63 years to 60.

the Deputy of State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation from RT Alexander Sidyakin divided proposals Vladimir Putin on expected and what sounded for the first time.

According to him to hear the main thesis which expected — this decrease in a retirement age for women till 60 years. Besides, on platforms "United Russia" Party already discussed such subjects, as a binding of property privileges on taxes and regional privileges on payment of Household management company, to overhaul, gas supply and to journey on public transport. Therefore discussion of these questions is not new, Alexander Sidyakin added.

Among initiatives of the president, was a lot of such which did not sound earlier. In particular, point on mothers having many children. The deputy called this offer the extremely important.

According to it, women with three children will be able to retire for 3 years before term, with four - for four years. And for women at whom 5 and more children, everything has to remain as now.

as a whole, Alexander Sidyakin considers that it is the balanced set of offers. In conditions "heavy, painful, but the uncontested decision", it will allow to soften as much as possible consequences, the people's deputy assured.

"The difficult history connected with an explanation of these changes. They painfully struck both on the government, and on "United Russia" Party by which voices the bill was adopted in the first reading. The president very in detail, classified why such decision was made. It was the address of the leader of the country who a difficult minute has a talk with the people", - Alexander Sidyakin concluded.

according to the deputy State Council of the Republic of Tatarstan Nugumanov Rafil , proposals of the president had prerequisites. Changes really "ripened" for the demographic and material reasons, Nugumanov Rafil noted.

the Deputy supported the offer on increase in a retirement age for women not on 8, and on 5. Nugumanov Rafil agreed with the president that increase in a threshold of a retirement for 8 years excessively for women. The offered marks in 60 for women and 65 years for men the people's deputy considers as the optimum decision and low indicators in comparison with pension concepts in the countries Europe.

the Deputy State Council of the Republic of Tatarstan Artem Prokofyev considers that it is possible to call mitigation only increase of a retirement age for women for five years, instead of on eight. All other offers, according to the people's deputy, are insignificant. Because of information in mass media before performance, citizens had great expectations, but changes actually have decorative character, the deputy believes.

"Turned out so that round this address was the unhealthy agiotage is created. Therefore citizens had overestimated expectations", - Artem Prokofyev explained.

All offers sounded by the president will be issued by

as amendments and to the shortest terms brought in State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation.