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Meeting of supporters of the European Union in Rome © information agency "RIA Novosti", Vitvitsky Aleksey
In the press kindle a panic, prophesying to EU fast death, but politicians, even radical, are sure that EU — it for a long time. EU endured many tests, but he stood, the Norwegian author is sure. Fight against terrorism rallied the countries. United Kingdom leaves, but others stand in a queue for membership. Now the main thing — to stop inflow of migrants, it summarizes in newspaper "Aftenposten".
Eysteyn Klevstad Langberg (Øystein Kløvstad Langberg)

Even radical politicians agree that EU — it for a long time.


Reading the press, it is easy to fall into delusion as if EU is driven into a corner and desperately fights for a survival. For those three years that I worked the correspondent in Brussels, I and itself wrote the whole pile of notes what not everything is fine in Europe: crises replace each other, the countries leave, and people consider that the project died long ago.

However today, going home, I nevertheless will venture the following prophecy: those who hopes for fast disorder EU, the bitter disappointment waits. And not one.

Crises and the ruined human lives

Are not present any doubts that on a share EU dropped out many tests, and the part from them was called (or aggravated) by Brussels the near decisions. Ask at least Italians or Greeks. But along with it EU proved that within its powers to stand in the face of difficulties. The wave of the bloody acts of terrorism which has swept across Europe in 2015 and 2016 — good to that an example. It is simple to imagine as flash of terrorism of similar scale under other circumstances would stir up a vicious spiral, having led to destabilization. There was time when also I, going across Brussels, constantly looked back through a shoulder — then all of us were frightened and disappointed, appear, that the situation gets out of hand.

Threat of Islamic terrorism — one of the major calls facing modern western society, but the fact remains: the storm was sustained even by the countries, victims it is heaviest, and the European cooperation only got stronger.

British leave, but whether is far?

of Breksit — one more large scrape which has fallen to lot EU. Leaving the London pub early in the morning on June 24, 2016 together with crying and hungover supporters uniform Europe, I too was beside himself. "What will be farther, and? " — Yezhednevnaya gazeta The Daily Mirror began to yell. Very few people were succeeded to sum up reigning moods so neatly.

However the expected beginning of the end EU turned back

PR accident for British. Than everything will end, we need to guess only and now, but the dragged-out process of an exit United Kingdom defeated utterly hope that it is possible to take, break so simply all links with EU and to heal freely from influence Brussels.

Norway is well known that in some questions it is impossible to admit Brussels closer, than on kilometer. Swisses told resolute "no" as to EU, and to the European economic zone, but it is necessary to listen to opinion Brussels even of. Whether their trick will manage to British? Meanwhile it foretells nothing. Near by the market in half a billion people, and it is difficult to refuse such tidbit, even partially.

Brussels hate, EU adore

I if United Kingdom prepares for an exit, the Balkan countries, on the contrary, stand in a queue for membership. And though the powers that be of it do not approve, they will prefer Jean-Claude Juncker (Jean-Claude Juncker) Vladimir Putin and to Recep Erdogan (Recep Tayyip Erdogan).

it is not clear, mladoyevropeyets it seems Poland and Hungary from where derive inspiration: their governments conduct anti-liberal policy which already seeded contention seeds with Brussels. However along with it risk of that they also will want to leave EU, remains minimum. Straight off, maybe, also you will not tell it, but Poles treat EU almost better than other Europeans. In "Evrobarometr's" recent poll of 70% of Poles about membership in EU responded positively. Even to orbanovsky Hungary support uniform Europe reaches 61%.

However support EU does not mean at all that the liberals all entirely dreaming everywhere to hang out euroallied tags and to open borders. To the power comes more and more the conservative-minded politicians, adjusted to achieve the within uniform Europe. Fresh to that an example — Austria. Young Sebastian Kurz (Sebastian Kurz) headed the government, intended rigidly to limit migration, but thus not only EU does not disown from support, but also works for strengthening of the European safety and defenses. Even the right populists from French of "National association" (in the past being called "National Front" Party) stepped on a throat to the criticism EU and the eurozone not to scare away voters finally.

General priority: to close borders

Cumulative support of EU reached the highest level for some decades.

Certainly, it does not mean at all that calls bypassed Europe the party. However it also means that many realize that in the deep conflicts between member countries, the unsuccessful summits and crises the EU is not always guilty. Yes, at present Europe there are separate failures. But so was earlier when EU did not exist yet.

the Greatest threat to the euroallied project is posed by migration from Africa and from Near East. The summits in Brussels cause rough protests — activists demand from the management of "drastic measures". However the tone for domestic policy is set not by them. Many already realized that the main task — to provide control over external borders EU.

Europe — not the island, and is not possible to reduce inflow of refugees to zero. However to recreate feeling of tranquillity and confidence — means to establish to the migrants, the arriving sea, an any barrier. Among realized it is the president European Council Donald Tusk (Donald Tusk). This summer it defended the creation plan of "unloading platforms" for migrants in Africa.


"Some can seem that I am too sharp, but believe me if we do not reach in this question of unity, rather sharp offers from really cool guys" will fall down — declared Donald Tusk.

Europe keeper

Lessons of migratory crisis testify to correctness Donald Tusk. EU has to give to the citizens feeling of safety. Strangely enough, but in the best way it was formulated by Emmanuel Macron whom brand podpevaly globalists.

Emmanuel Macron does not argue on cleaning trade barriers, but speaks about "Europe keeper" which cares of the citizens. Global warming, the multinational giant companies shirking payment of taxes, trade war from United States of America, waves of migrants from Africa and growth of the Chinese influence worldwide — all this excites Europeans, however one by one not to resolve these issues, only together, the uniform block. Probably, this position can seem defensive, but during an era of dramatic changes she appeals to a general population.

In reality on our continent there are only two types of the countries as the Danish minister of finance Yensen Christian declared (Kristian Jensen): "There are small countries and the countries which else simply did not realize that they too small".

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