Andrzej Duda: Aggression Russian Federation to Georgia - one of turning points of the European history

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the President Poland Andrzej Duda sent the letter to participants of commemorative events on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Russian-Georgian war which took place in the Museum of the Warsaw revolt.

"Aggression of the Russian armed forces to Georgia in August, 2008 became one of turning points of the contemporary European history", - is spoken in the letter.

"Pride and hope with which Revolution of roses filled hearts the Georgian, replaced bitterness and helplessness in the face of cruel violence and mourning for the lost soldiers and civilians", - the president wrote Poland.

It also noted that military aggression Russian Federation breaks architecture of the European and world safety. Andrzej Duda emphasized a role of the president Lech Kaczynski in strengthening of this architecture of safety and the Polish-Georgian friendship. The Polish president on August 12, 2008 together with presidents Estonia, Lithuania and Ukraine and the prime minister Latvia took part in meeting in support of the sovereignty at the building of the Georgian parliament.

"We perfectly know that today Georgia, tomorrow – Ukraine, the day after tomorrow – the Baltic States, and is later, probably, time and my country – Poland" will come, - Lech Kaczynski predicted then.

"Celebration of the 100 anniversary of restoration of independence of our states and sad anniversary which drops out these August days, represent exclusive opportunity better to know each other and to strengthen bonds of friendship and full cooperation between our countries", - the president wrote to participants of a ceremony.

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