"Honestly, not sickly excites": whether Denmark is ready to the largest social experiment of a century?

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of Colorado — the first American state where allowed the marihuana use in the recreational purposes. Now in this industry billion dollars turn, in treasury huge tax assignments arrive, to the state the mass of tourists is flied — but also malefactors too do not doze. Whether Denmark on the way of Colorado, let to one of the largest social experiments of a century will go?

Smells as hemp

the School teacher Terry, his wife Tami and other passengers of the limousine riding on streets of Denver, just kindled on the first jamb.

This holiday on the wheels, belonging to Luper firm (Loopr), will give a ride to them on drugstores where hemp is on sale absolutely legally in all types from powerful hashish to usual soap. In total such drugstores where it is possible to buy narcotic substance, in Denver more than 170.
© flickr.com, Periódico El Ciudadano Marihuana

On the way passengers light up directly in salon, from columns the rap roars, on a TV screen multi-colored patterns float, and lighting flickers blue, red, green and lilac.

of Terry collapsed on leather sitting in back part of salon waiting for the turn to stick to a kosyachka. On the head of it a cap, and on a neck — a huge cross.

To Denver he arrived in holiday. With it — the wife and friends, a married couple. They arrived from the most State of South Carolina — there to play about marihuana still illegally.

"Eh, here at our place the same baldezhny laws …" — mechayet Terry. An eye at it already red — we yet did not make also the first stop, and it already "drags". in State of South Carolina they with the wife smoke

of the House on a kosyachka every evening as soon as will put the 9-year-old son to bed. He does not guess yet that his parents "kumaryat".

""To it still early" — are explained by Tami. — Besides in State of South Carolina it is forbidden, and we are afraid, as though it did not dishevel about it at school. Then we will have serious troubles! "

As though smells as hemp

But Colorado adventure smells also as money: to the state tourists are flown down, and tax revenues grow by leaps and bounds. Besides, this new thinking and courageous social experiment: the brand of criminals is removed from smokers of hemp.

In greenhouses of Colorado are grown up fabulous amounts of hemp, but it is possible to sell them only in staff — export green a thunder-storm is forbidden.

But also so specialized drugstores of Colorado last year got record profit in 9,5 billions in recalculation for Danish kroner (more than 92 million rubles — a comment perev. ) . A third of profit was provided by sale of medical marihuana, and a third more — recreational hemp, such as that, it is offered in this limousine.

© AP Photo, Steven Senne Production cannabis in Milforde, State of Massachusetts,

Besides, the new industry brought United States of America, additional tax payments in 1,6 billion kroner (15,5 billion rubles). These money left on construction of new schools and arrangement of libraries, and also social needs like fight against crime and payments the poor.

With hemp legalization a flow of tourists grows every year, so thousands new workplaces are created.

B 2016 of Colorado were visited by 82 million tourists. The total sales made 37 billion kroner (360 billion rubles), and in budget 7,5 billions (73 billion rubles) arrived. Only for the last year these figures grew by 7%.

Something similar can occur and to Denmark.

Parliament already took first steps: On January 1 this year the law allowing doctors in the form of experiment to write out medical marihuana came into force.

the Parliamentary floor leader of Social Democratic Party Sass Henrik Larsen (Henrik Sass Larsen) added recently fuel to the fire the new book "Centre-Leftism Future", having offered full legalization of marihuana under the auspices of the state.

the Leader of social democrats from this idea quickly disowned. However the mayor Copenhagen Franck Yensen (Frank Jensen) idea to sell marihuana to adult Danes in the state shops supported

, having suggested to arrange everything just like "Syustembulaget", the Swedish monopoly for alcohol. According to him, this measure will deprive of earnings organized crime.

Let the Minister of Health Trane Ellen Nerbyu (Ellen Trane Nørby), the representative of Liberal party "Venstre", refused flatly, seeds are already insinuated. Now legalization in this or that look representatives of "Liberal alliance", social and liberal "Radical party" support, "Alternatives", Socialist people's party and "The red-green coalition".

in many respects the Danish dispute — repetition of that preceded legalization in Colorado.

in the medical purposes in the American state allowed cannabis Use after a referendum in 2000.

Having collected all responses pros and cons, ten years later Colorado and Washington D.C. ripened to resolve and the marihuana use in the recreational purposes. to

they were followed by other states.

marihuana on medical indications is legal Today in 29 of 50 states of United States of America, and also in Washington D.C., the district Colombia. In nine of them, and also in Washington D.C., the recreational use of drug is authorized also. It is expected that ranks shortly will again be joined.

Polls signal about change of public opinion: according to the Center I Drink, the number of supporters of full legalization grew from 31% in 2000 to 61% in 2007.

"Can speak about the real revolution" — the lobbyist Cindi Sovayn (Cindy Sovine) on the congress of the women occupied in the industry of cannabis in Denver declared.

At an annual forum of participants hempy businesses "Mother's big tea" (Mother's High Tea) was noted that women too became part of branch. Dressed in bright dresses and ridiculous hats, participants seek to destroy an image of smokers of cannabis as lost souls.

Well, smells as hemp

After excursion on the huge greenhouse of companies "Cyd and Smits" (Seed and Smiths) where grow stupefying plants, we get to a drugstore.

"Is not present, you only smell here it" — the shop assistant Genie (Janay) stretches because of a counter a saucer with a lump of the concentrated cannabis. "This piece the truth not sickly excites, and covers powerfully and absolutely unexpectedly" — she smiles.

© AP Photo, Steven Senne Preparation of cigarettes with cannabis at factory in Milforda
Shows to

it and small hempy tablets — according to her, they suffice only on that "to remove a stress" after difficult day at work.

"Nicely to be thrown by them after a dinner" — she explains.

Firm "dish" of an institution — a box of chocolates with marihuana, "an ideal entertainment for guests".

"They incredibly tasty — are explained by the shop assistant. — High from them soft and weakening, always you realize the moment when you carries away".

Is in assortment and hempy sugar candies, and even bathing soap with the cannabis, weakening muscles. All packings are protected from children.

the Shop assistant in confidence tells that gives soothing cream with cannabis to the grandmother when that has gastric pains.

"Labels, I, of course, tear off, structure to it not obligatory to read" — she giggles. Jared and Noah do to

berry sugar candies of Kenyon Kaltiveyshn firm (Canyon Cultivation) with cannabis. At a rassasyvaniye eyforiziruyushchy substances get straight to blood. Candies so are made: hempy syrup prepares and is filled in in boiling water. Berry taste then broth spreads on formochka is added, and ready sugar candies are displayed on boxes, safe for children.

Before sale production of producers of cannabis in State of Colorado passes tests for a mold and the content of pesticides. In Denver there are six specialized laboratories.

Is not present, well precisely smells as hemp

A still smells as simplification for seriously ill patients. For the first time for hundreds years scientists started meeting that the plant hemp known already of 12 thousand years, helps from everything — from gastric pains to migraine.

B China about its medicinal abilities learned more than 4 thousand years ago. In the 1930th years reputation of hemp reeled after the publication horror story in Weekly "Time" (Time) where the use of hemp demonized.

In the movie of 1936 "Kosyakovy madness" hemp is shown as a devil potion from which people go crazy.

A the director of federal management of United States of America on fight against drugs Harry Enslinger (Harry Anslinger) at all called marihuana "the most dangerous substance in the history of mankind".

Passed some decades before again remembered its medical properties. Marihuana long time was represented only by the poison stupefying a brain.

Only is a lot of years later among doctors and patients exorcized that marihuana alleviates suffering to the mass of patients then scientists became interested in it.

Collected data are still insufficient, however the science claims that small doses of cannabis can prevent the extremely painful, painful spasms caused by a sclerosis. Also it is effective at treatment of children with a syndrome to Drava — a heavy form of epilepsy.

At cancer patients hemp alleviates pain, eliminates nausea and improves appetite. Some doctors even prescribe hemp to the patients suffering from autism and a syndrome of a hyperactivity.

Absolutely smells as hemp

the Masseur Jordan Person (Jordan Person) is put to a tube with marihuana before starting rubbing hempy oil in a body of the first patient at home in Denver.

"Hemp saved to me life" — are explained by her and tells why replaced a profession of the nurse.

B overcame it 2010 the strongest pains in the left side of a stomach. Any doctor could not explain that to what — all only registered new and new tablets. "At some instant I accepted

on 13 tablets for time. And years to me was only 29" — speaks Persons.

Earlier she plaid about a grass while studied in college in State of Florida where grew.

Now she smokes all the time — in the morning, during the lunchtime and during a dinner. She understood that it is the only thing that relieves pain.

Eventually doctors found in it impassability of zhelchevyvodyashchy ways, a huge tumor in a liver, kidney insufficiency and a stone in the left lung.

"To me it was awfully bad. Me inflated so that I could not remove a ring from a finger" — the palm shows Persons.

It did not doubt that will die soon, but there was a sweeping change.

It threw friends, a family and the house in State of Florida and moved to Denver — there she could receive cannabis according to the recipe.

"I became in a literal sense the hempy refugee. I visited all states, and I was helped by a plant. All came to an end that I abandoned the drugs one behind another" — she remembers.

two and a half years and some operations Later it could return to the work.

"Marihuana became my rescue, and I decided to devote myself to this plant" — explains Persons.

Smells as hemp — for sure

Jordan Person — far not only who found happiness in Colorado thanks to hemp.

of the House at 58-year-old Kholms Dzhill (Jill Holmes), pensioners on disability, marihuana is necessary even to Tommie's her English bulldog. Every day it drips in its bowl some hempy drops — for good mood.

To United States of America this new craze: to give hemp to pets.

the Bulldog sleeps to itself on a floor, and Kholms Dzhill sits on a sofa and smokes hemp. It gets it according to the recipe.

Kholms Dzhill considers Hemp as a miracle cure as thanks to it could throw the soothing.

It — one of victims of "opioid crisis" to United States of America. Doctors for years stuffed it with the strongest anesthetizing substance fentanyl which is stronger than heroin by 50-100 times.

For the first time prescribed it to it 12 years ago when after falling on skis it began intolerable a back pains.

Gradually at Kholms Dzhill was developed dependence on preparations, and over the years it only got stronger. "All the time tore me" — she remembers. A year ago it passed to medicinal marihuana.

"Besides that I threw fentanyl, so also now I accept seven preparations instead of 22" — tells Kholms Dzhill.

66-year-old Krug Michael moved to Denver with the 65-year-old wife Bet — simply to smoke marihuana absolutely legally. In State of Florida it gave on 50 dollars for 3,5 grams. Here he pays only 15.

Oh, yes — smells as hemp

In Denver to hemp even worship in the International church of cannabis. The next service only began.

From a stearin candle before a colourful altar is lit a huge jamb and passed round among parishioners. All are tightened in turn together to relax and zabaldet. than

"Be kinder to the neighbor, talk to it, and let it become you another" — the young priest addresses.

Soon already easy stir everything, united by force of a sacred jamb.

Parishioners of church of cannabis in the capital of Colorado call themselves "elevatsionist" or "vozvyshenets". Here to you are glad, be you the Jew, the Christian, the Buddhist, the Muslim or even the atheist.


their doctrine is based that the self-knowledge and spiritual searches can be accelerated a ritual voskureniye of "a sacred flower". With its help each parishioner hopes to find himself the best. "I do not trust

in the Bible, there one nonsenses are written — "vozvyshenets" explains Chad, being tightened by jamb on a church bench. — But I believe that cannabis expands consciousness and generates feeling of a brotherhood".

For sure smells as hemp

Began to smell this sweetish, but with a notable kislinka. But pleasant adventure has also an unattractive wrong side.

In general in Colorado both other states cannabis and products from it are on sale only to the persons which have reached 21 year. But seniors and youth from Colorado higher education institutions, certainly, know how to buy goods covertly or to show the false identity card.

I for many of them hemp — is not so festive entertainment for the weekend. In many school corridors the smell of cannabis hangs constantly.

the Brain of the person is finally formed already at adult age, and there are scientific proofs of that at teenage smokers fall both motivation, and mental abilities.

of Research confirmed that conceived a liking for cannabis smoking at teenage age subsequently it is more difficult to study and remember new words.

Besides, exists danger of psychosis, and also risk of that marihuana will cause heavier drugs.

Is also other reasons for concern. They concern the smallest.

the Children's hospital in Colorado noted that from 2009 to 2015 the quantity of children's poisonings jumped up for 34%. These are cases when children aged till 10 years incidentally find parental "nychka" with cannabis. Similar incidents happened even to kids.

One more controversial question: whether legalization will help to win against the black market of hemp and to get rid of crime.

Right after legalization to regale on hempy pie to Denver the Russian mafia was flied.

"Happened as you will enter a drugstore in Denver, will surely hear heavy Russian accent" — Morgan Ayversen (Morgan Iwersen), chapter of companies "Kenyon Kaltiveyshn" remembers.

Russians and a trace caught a cold Today: the authorities resolutely struggle with those producers and sellers who does not carry out strict rules. Production is carefully checked on pesticides and a mold.

It is worth disobeying only the law as are police, pokromsayet all plantation moreover and will cover a shop.

However crime all the same grows from the moment of legalization.

B crime in Colorado grew 2016 by 5% in comparison with 2013. Criminal cases became more for the whole 12%, while over all country — "all" for 5%.

Go heated arguments about that, rise in crime is connected with legalization of soft drugs or not.

of Fuel to the fire added video with the half-naked man who attacked people on streets of Denver with a plastic pipe.

from the lake caught Last summer a corpse of the 23-year-old woman. Her killed and raped. The inhabitant of State of Kentucky, earlier judged for crimes on the sexual soil appeared the criminal. Already from prison he told "CNN" (TV channel "CNN") that moved to Colorado in 2017 because his brother worked in a hempy drugstore.

the Governor of Colorado Khikenluper John (John Hickenlooper) declared that does not exclude that cannabis again will forbid if communication of rise in crime with legalization is proved. While it did not occur, he urged to keep restraint and tranquillity.

"Is one of the largest social experiments in 100 years. It is necessary to approach to it with all openness and to see things more widely" — he declared "CNN".

And still for the cannabis industry times will come heavier if the Minister of Justice Jeff Sessions passes (Jeff Sessions) from words to business. during the presidency Barack Obama gave

to the states which have allowed cultivation, sale and marihuana use, protection against federal prosecution.

In January Jeff Sessions cancelled this special situation. "Good people marihuana do not smoke

" — Jeff Sessions explained.

Authors: Mikael Byerre (Michael Bjerre), Seren Bidstrup (Søren Bidstrup) for Berlingske, Denmark the translation online-project "InoSMI.Ru"

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