Shareholders almost completed skyscraper in Vladivostok risk to fill up the list of the deceived

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Owners of apartments in ZhK of "Odysseys" are afraid to become the deceived shareholders. Photo: Ratnikov Alexander,
Owners of apartments in ZhK of "Odysseys" endure regional news agency "PrimaMedia"

on July 9, regional news agency "PrimaMedia". At owners of apartments in the unfinished building to the address 2 Settlement, 3v, in Vladivostok becomes ripe the conflict to the builder, reports regional news agency "PrimaMedia". Citizens suspect that very soon can fill up the list of the deceived shareholders, which in Primorsky Territory and without that rather big. According to buyers of apartments, house construction according to documents proceeds, and upon on object there is nobody, except the security guard with dogs.

It is a question of the house of ZhK of "Odysseys" (LLC "BUILDING COMPANY "KANYON") which towers over Zmeink's all region and as the beacon, is visible from far away. From windows of the house the smart view of bays and bridges, the city clearly opens. By recognitions of inhabitants of the area, the object grew by leaps and bounds, at first on a site there was a waste ground, but for any three years it turned into 23 floor housing complex. More precisely grow – grew, and here somewhere for 90% of readiness building started braking.

— I took the apartment in this house in July, 2017, then to me promised that in November of 2017 everything will be given, and that I will receive the keys in the third quarter — the owner of one of apartments Veselova Svetlana told. — When I signed contract – building went, and everything was, it seems as, not badly. Just did a facade, by the way, on a site of ZhK of "Odysseys" even any time was spread by photoreports.

Then, according to the interlocutor, works on object slowed down because of case of bankruptcies LLC "BUILDING COMPANY "KANYON". According to a card file of Arbitration vessels, the corresponding statement arrived 11.12.2017 from JSC Stroitelno — Assembly Management <33> of the Far East ". It was accepted to production vessels of 15.12.2017 (A51-29491/2017 business). Two days later (13.12.2017) same statement arrived from the citizen Baranova Alla in this connection, the these cases court made the decision to unite. That is curious, to JSC SK address LLC "BUILDING COMPANY "KANYON" one more firm – LLC "Kanyon", quite famous in Far East which founder is Baranov Vadim is registered. At present LLC "Kanyon" is in a stage of bankruptcies – the competitive managing director is appointed.

— at the beginning of spring was meeting with the builder, protocol about is made what works are conducted on object. Besides promised that as will become warmer, will start laying a cable, will complete, balconies and a facade — Veselova Svetlana shared. — On project documentation the house has to be leased in the second quarter 2018. But works in April-May started fading.

the Interlocutor also noted that in May shareholders managed to organize a meeting with the management of companies "LLC "BUILDING COMPANY "KANYON" on which to owners of apartments once again promised that the house will be completed. Then those who paid purchase of apartments by cash, learned that their raskhodnik have no validity. By words Veselova Svetlana, the director of companies the builder declared that the signature on raskhodnik costs not it and she any did not see money.

After that owners of apartments in ZhK of "Odysseys" decided to take everything in hand and started writing letters to various instances. So, in inspection Gosstroitelstva to them answered that concerning the builder 11 inspections are carried out and the penalty for failure of terms of delivery is written out, but at present allegedly speed of construction already overtook. In prosecutor's office began check, and in the reception president advised to address in Administration of the Primorsky Territory and Ministry of Construction and Housing-Communal Services of the Russian Federation.

— the builder has a position one – to pretend that money is not present, and to wait when residents will complete, and then to sell apartments which are written down on it — Veselova Svetlana is sure. – Our children even have information that, for example, Public joint-stock company "Sberbank Russia" does not give already a mortgage on apartments in our house.

In Public joint-stock company "Sberbank Russia" this information confirmed.

— Today the given object is not accredited — reported in the press service Far East bank Savings Bank Russia.

It and is not surprising. If to trust card files of arbitration affairs, "LLC "BUILDING COMPANY "KANYON" are the respondent in several civil suits, and in department of bailiffs of Leninsky rayon enough of executive productions concerning this companies already collected. It is remarkable that Koletskaya Maria who is a founder" LLC "BUILDING COMPANY "KANYON", according to an extract from EGRYuL, passes as the founder of companies LLC "VERNO PACIFIC GROUP" — the builder of unfinished ZhK "Life" on Lesnoy Street where also there are questions on terms of delivery of objects. But if "Odysseys" — this one building, "Life" — is a complex from several high-rise buildings.

ZhK Life around oncology center, Vladivostok

of ZhK Life around oncology center, Vladivostok. Photo: regional news agency "PrimaMedia"

Experts of the market of residential real estate are sure by

that the situation with "Odysseus" is more difficult, than with ZhK "Life". The matter is that in this house almost all apartments are sold, and to investor will be simply uninteresting to come on object and to complete it. Whereas shareholders ZhK "Life" that objects will be completed, still have a hope. According to insider information, already there was investor who is ready to assume obligations for delivery of objects.

— in case of a negative outcome, owners of apartments in ZhK of "Odysseys" have two ways out. The first is to get to the register of the deceived shareholders. But in this case they can return at a distant day the means as this procedure is not fulfilled yet. And the second and idle time — to gather and somehow to agree to complete the house independently — the director of "The city realtor center" Kosikov Sergei told. – In the west of Russian Federation there are such practicians when residents will organize ZhSK, redeem and complete the house. But in this case they should invest in addition money.

Meanwhile, despite that apartments in "Odyssey" all are already sold, some real estate agencies Vladivostok offer them to purchase.

— Building is conducted, the truth very slowly. The builder prolonged permission to building and now promises to lease the house in the third quarter 2018. It is similar to the truth as the object is almost ready — answered in Maksimum agency.

Here noted that residents in vain panic if to the builder prolonged construction license term, so in administration know about this object and it, most likely, finally will be handed over.

PrimaMedia news agency Edition regional news agency "PrimaMedia" wanted to receive the comment from the builder, but phones specified on a site of ZhK by "Odyssey" did not answer within several days. Besides, editorial office employees sent inquiry to Inspection Regional Stroitel supervision and control in Field of share construction Primorsky territory. However, quite recently her head Mikhail Zainchenko left the post "at own will". Who will take its place, yet izvestno.