Affairs at "Astrvodokanal" worsened. Bankruptcy is almost inevitable

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Today Federal tariff service (Moscow) refused MUNICIPAL UNITARY ENTERPRISE OF THE ASTRAKHAN CITY "ASTRVODOKANAL" in tariff increase, the deputy reported to
Affairs at Oleg Shein. It would seem, good news, but not everything is so unambiguous. We already reported

to our readers about the difficult situation which has developed in "Astrvodokanale". The enterprise is on the verge bankruptcies: today total amount of claim requirements imposed in vessels to the Astrakhan supplier of drinking water exceeds of 345 million rubles. One of creditors of the enterprise - the Rostov LLC "Cooperative association" - submitted claim to court with the requirement to declare "Vodokanal" bankrupt. Consideration of the case will take place on June 9.

Increase of tariffs could rescue municipal unitary enterprise from bankruptcies, but, probably, not destiny.

As are noted by Oleg Shein, before application the increase in a tariff to 29 rub for cubic meter that below, than in regions of area was discussed. It would allow to pay approximately in 15 months with all debts and to come for reconstruction of treatment facilities of networks. In case of tariff establishment on a mark in 25 rub repayment of debts would take three years, and it would be possible to start reconstruction in 2022.

" Correction of tariffs, clearly, is unpleasant for the population, but nevertheless it is better, than bankruptcy than companies with the subsequent transfer to private hands and tariff growth three times as occurred in the spring in Volodarsky rayon", - Oleg Shein emphasized .

However something went not so, and instead of 29 rub MUPOM a tariff application for of 57 rub for cubic meter, which was submitted, certainly, the service on tariffs did not coordinate. As a result the price for cubic meter is frozen for a year that threatens with acceleration of growth rate of debts and risk to become the bankrupt. Eventually the enterprise can fall into private hands, and it can bring to more notable for residents of Astrakhan to rise in price of municipal services.