At Khakhaleva Helena put too much - both judges, and raises furniture a trade turnover

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At Hakhaleva put too much - both judges, and raises furniture a trade turnover
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of mass media studying activity Khakhaleva Helena, found out that the "gold" judge besides service to Themis has yet one profitable business, in particular, furniture business. Details - in a material published below.
the Judge Regional court of Krasnodar called

among organizers of the scheme of "development" of budgetary funds.

It is a question not that Khakhaleva Helena received the position a "roundabout" way thanks to the phony Tbilisi diploma. On it time, seemingly, tell about its ability to turn a position into a source of the superincome for the family.

One of furniture firms Krasnodar, actually belonging to the spouse of "the gold judge" to Khakhalev Robert , could "lift" almost 90 million rubles on contracts on deliveries of furniture to the new building of regional vessels – and it only one of many similar "combinations". How Hakhalev' couple warmed hands, on press conferences, passed on June 4 in the press center of information website "News agency Rosbalt", the former employee of furniture firm Stepanyan Kamo told .

by words Stepanyan Kamo, in 2007 it was arranged to work in the Krasnodar company on realization of furniture LLC "Futura", and then worked as the sales manager in the organization of a similar profile LLC "KONTEKS MEBEL". As formally owner of two of these organizations the person by the name of Dmitry Levchenko acted, and actually they belonged to his business partner Khakhalev Robert , to the spouse of "the gold judge" Khakhaleva Helena.


"Khakhalev Robert even before employment in the called organizations was familiar to me as Khakhalev Robert Tbilisi, - Stepanyan Kamo declared. - Zilpimiani's his real name, he is the close relative of the thief in law "Petso". Khakhalev Robert - the person very influential in Krasnodar Territory thanks to the communications in the criminal world, and also in judicial system. He played not the last role in appointment of the spouse Khakhaleva Helena to a position of the vice-chairman Regional court of Krasnodar".

As were reported by Stepanyan Kamo, as the sales manager of furniture it proved to be from the good party as the executive and competent employee therefore the management paid attention to it and began to trust maintenance of the most interesting transactions. And the more Stepanyan Kamo plunged into businesses the administration, getting access to information closed from strangers, the more he understood that this business is completely based on probably illegal schemes. On press conferences which have taken place at the end of February in website "News agency Rosbalt" Stepanyan Kamo already told about how it used as the courier for transportation in circumvention of the law of the cashed means, and now it in detail submitted schemes which allowed "to borrow" hundreds millions rubles from budgets.

"Since 2009 Khakhalev Robert and Levchenko Dimitri actively used

contract system of purchases for the government and municipal bodies, winning tenders by means of commercial bribery and using the administrative resource. As a result main customers LLC "KONTEKS MEBEL" became government bodies and budgetary organizations Krasnodar Territory", - Stepanyan Kamo declared.

to One of the most fat contracts "won" LLC "KONTEKS MEBEL" in such a way, became equipment by furniture of the new building Regional court of Krasnodar which was under construction in the center Krasnodar in 2007-2009. For those times it there was the most sign object of the regional capital – the building with a total area about 30 thousand sq.m was under construction by the last word of modern architecture, and had to symbolize progress of the Russian justice.

But it did not prevent Hakhalev' family, probably, properly "to earn"

on "building of a century" which in equal shares was financed from regional and federal budgets. The development mechanism of budgetary funds was simple: at first quotations were conscious and considerably overestimated by construction works and the equipment of the building by contractors, and then the means received thus were brought to false firms, cashed and transferred in quality of bribes to officials.

"Participants of such illegal schemes were the vice-chairman Regional court of Krasnodar Khakhaleva Helena, her ex-husband Khakhalev Robert and his next business partner Levchenko Dimitri. At my order there are documentary confirmations, and also witnesses on an episode of the activity connected with equipment of the building of vessels by furniture", - Stepanyan Kamo declared.

According to him, at the very beginning of 2009 when construction of the new building of regional vessels which general contractor the Serbian company acted as "Putevi Uzhitse", entered a final stage, developed fight for receiving multimillion contracts on equipment of the building of vessels by furniture. Formally this question the head of department of material support, operation and repairs buildings supervised Regional court of Krasnodar Leganov Victor who lobbied interests of companies LLC "YEVRONOMER", belonging to the large Krasnodar businessman Shakhnazarov. But Khakhaleva Helena, understanding that it her the large sums can "departure", most likely decided to take a furniture question in hand and to carry out the transaction through actually belonging her spouse to Khakhalev Robert JSC Konteks mebel firm LLC "KONTEKS MEBEL".

the Final decision was on this matter made by the management Regional court of Krasnodar which made this decision at active lobbying of "interests" LLC "KONTEKS MEBEL" from outside Khakhaleva Helena. The member of board took part in decision-making in favor of hakhalevsky firm on criminal cases of regional vessels Buzko, the employee of the device of regional vessels Trailina and representatives LLC "KONTEKS MEBEL" - Levchenko Dimitri. Khakhalev Robert as Stepanyan Kamo claims, preferred to keep in the background and expected the decision outside the building of vessels while Khakhaleva Helena did not agree with the management kraysuda.

Coordination of samples for supply furniture for Regional court of Krasnodar began

at the end of March, 2009, and already soon on one of joint meetings the representative of the general contractor Vladan Stomenich informed representatives of regional vessels that, according to competitive documentation, 45 million rubles are allocated for furniture, but Khakhaleva Helena and her patrons declared that this sum does not suit them, and they will be able to agree in Moscow about allocation from budgets on 100 million rubles (that is more than three times) more.

By the end of August, 2009 total amount contracts taking into account appetites Khakhaleva Helena and her accomplices was determined by

of a little more than 88 million rubles, and then increased to 178 million rubles. "According to Khakhaleva Helena it was clear that the difference of 90 million rubles has to go not for purchase more than expensive furniture, and was included in the cost of already coordinated furniture, with the subsequent transfer of this sum to "the necessary people", - Stepanyan Kamo speaks.

For execution of instructions Khakhaleva Helena in already being available specifications on supply production for the sum over 88 million rubles in the program "1C-accounts department" was put by

an additional margin on all positions. In particular, the table for judges L=3300 with a former cost of 20 700 rubles began to cost 88 370 rubles; the cost of a table closed L=1400 (lawyers/prosecutors) from 14 900 rubles turned into 46 826 rubles; the tribune had the cost of 11 300 rubles, began to have the cost of 44 441 ruble; the bench three-local with armrests of a chrome/Bordeaux had the cost of 13 500 rubles, began to have the cost of 28 968 rubles; the chair for judges had the cost of 27 100 rubles, began to have the cost of 42 813 rubles, etc. To hide from supervisory authorities obvious discrepancies in the prices for separate positions, new non-standard names, for example, "a table 102L/R of Premieres light cherry", "CARMEN chair blue / a nut", "a rack of delivery of clothes No. 2", "section wardrobe on 26 kr 2-sided 1400*1800*25 *", "a chair of presidium of Bonamusa", "a table of presidium were output to 5 people of 4 m, tsarga to a floor of premieres light cherry", etc.

as a result created a copy of the original specification to contract by No. 181-09 of 15.09.2009 on the sounded Khakhaleva Helena the sum of 178 million rubles between the supplier LLC "KONTEKS MEBEL" and the buyer of JSC Putevi Uzhitse. This document certified by the signature of one of heads Regional court of Krasnodar, is available on hand Stepanyan Kamo.

After receipt of money from a general contractor of JSC Putevi Uzhitse into the account LLC "KONTEKS MEBEL" in bank "Uralsib South" according to instructions Khakhalev Robert through obviously counterfeit contracts which were signed by the nominal director of firm Mikheyev, through false firms in Moscow was cashed by 90 million rubles. "In cashing in of means were engaged directly Khakhalev Robert and Levchenko Dimitri, - Stepanyan Kamo specifies. - From Levchenko Dimitri I knew that it gave money to Robert Hakhalev, and that to Khakhaleva Helena that she, in turn, distributed them to "the necessary people".

further borrowed of budgets means were removed by

from the taxation. For 2009 LLC "KONTEKS MEBEL" showed profit of all in 61 thousand rubles, for 2010 - 727 thousand rubles, for 2011 – 1,015 million rubles, for 2012 – 26 thousand rubles. From the transaction on sale of furniture for JSC Putevi Uzhitse of more than 14 million rubles LLC "KONTEKS MEBEL" did not pay the VAT. In 2011-12 in the relation "Konteks furniture" were carried out formal inspections, including Audit Chamber of the Russian Federation, but violations, was not natural, revealed. Further this company the destiny of typical short-lived firm waited. In February, 2014 LLC "KONTEKS MEBEL" according to instructions Khakhalev Robert changed the legal address about Krasnodar to Moscow, at the head of the organization there was a new false participant – Gritsenko Ilya Nikolaevich, relating to category of "mass directors". As a result of November 17, 2017 tax authorities made the decision on elimination of the invalid legal entity.

But on it furniture combinations of family of Hakhalev did not come to an end. As Stepanyan Kamo reported, now Khakhalev Robert and Levchenko Dimitri continue close cooperation with Administration office Judicial department inKrasnodar territory through a network of other firms issued on certain persons, such as LLC "Furniture company MKK" and LLC "Premyer Mebel". Actually they turned into exclusive suppliers of furniture for a vessel equipment Krasnodar Territory on "a mutually advantageous basis".

"I consider

that Levchenko Dimitri, Khakhalev Robert and Khakhalev Robert represent the organized community", - Stepanyan Kamo finished the performance on press conferences. In the same day, on June 4, it submitted the application for initiation of legal proceedings on the stated facts addressed to the chairman Investigating Committee of the Russian Federation Alexander Bastrykin. Stepanyan Kamo submitted the similar statement at the beginning of March. In it Khakhaleva Helena and her spouse in combinations with budgetary funds, but also that fact were mentioned not only participation that Khakhalev Robert became the judge on the basis of the doubtful diploma of Tbilisi state university.

we Will remind

that responsibility for combinations with budgetary funds and use of the official position the very serious. It is possible to be deprived of freedom for a period of fifteen till twenty years, or up to a life imprisonment. Therefore the statement Stepanyan Kamo should not remain unaddressed Committee of inquiry, the Supreme Vessels and the Highest qualification board of judges.

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