The mayor of the American city Pittsburgh declared on May 28 in the Afternoon Azerbaidjan

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the Mayor of the most historical and known city of United States of America Pittsburgh William Mark Peduto in connection with the 100 anniversary of creation of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic (ADR) made the official statement, reports embassy Azerbaidjan to United States of America, transfers Day.Az with reference to to Trend .

In the statement note creation on May 28, 1918 ADR - the first secular parliamentary state in the history of the Muslim East, and also its recognition from other democratic states, including United States of America. In the document it is said that ADR for the short term of independence besides that provided an option to all citizens irrespective of their floor, to racial, ethnic and religious origin for the first time in the Muslim world provided granting to women of the suffrage.


At the same time in the document it is emphasized that 1920 of ADR despite fight for the independence Soviet Union is a part and in 1991 achieves restoration of the independence.

It is noted by

that within the last 25 years Azerbaidjan strengthened the independence and the sovereignty, and now is the strategic partner and the ally of United States of America in Kaspiysk the region.


In the statement it is said that the Azerbaijanians living in Pittsburgh and in other places of the world will celebrate on May 28 the 100 anniversary of ADR, honoring a contribution of the ancestors to democracy distribution in the Caucasus, to Central Asia and on Middle East.

In the conclusion the mayor William Mark Peduto in the statement signed by it declares on May 28 the current year in the Afternoon Azerbaidjan and urges all inhabitants of Pittsburgh to note a big contribution of the Azerbaijani people to history.