Resignation premiere Slovenia: Russian Federation involve in one conflict

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the Right politician Shishko Andrey gives to

a hand left and considers that the Slovenian management involves Russian Federation in one territorial conflict

Sudden resignation a premiere Slovenia Miro Tserar's is actively discussed by

in political numbers of the country. The predominating opinion — is its tactical maneuver on the eve of parliamentary elections. Formal reason for this step Tserar called cancellation by the Supreme Court a referendum about construction of iron roads Koper — Divacha. The look of the prominent representative of Slovenian right Shishko Andrey differs from such simplified assessment of the situation.

Andrey Shishko was born

Shishko Andrey. Still being the school student, founded the illegal Anti-communistic organization Slovenia, later — the Front independent Slovenia and Movement for office Slovenia. Subsequently was one of organizers of Slovenian guard. Is the leader of the movement "United Slovenia". Maribor and in the Northeast Slovenia enjoys widespread support of youth electorate, including the organizations of football fans of Maribor the prime minister Slovenia Shishko Andrey talked to the correspondent information agency "REGNUM" Romanov Vladimir.

: What, in your opinion, original reasons of resignations prime minister Tserar?

it is obvious to

that the solution of the Supreme Court, the blocked financing iron roads Koper — Divacha, it only an occasion. This decision is made against strikes teachers and the civil servants demanding increase salaries. The logic prompts that it was possible to direct the billion euro released from the stopped project on these purposes. However Tserar declared that "requirements of the people become all less feasible and cause damage to the state". That is upon it admitted that this state — antinational. Therefore internal logic of resignations — inability of the operating cabinet to combine interests of our people with following in an economic waterway Brussels. And it has neither forces, nor desire to take before the European owners responsibility for a course in interests of the Slovenian people. Accurate definition — anti-Slavic policy has to be given it.

: The decision on resignation is accepted in only three months prior to parliamentary elections. It makes impression of emergency political action. Whether it is possible to assume, what the reason of this step is much deeper, than the current contradictions?

Tactically Tserar simply hopes to jump out of a premier chair to overstay aside becoming ripe social crisis and to return to policy not burdened with responsibility for the events. But the problem is much deeper. It is already clear to all that it — that within a present format of relationship Slovenia and EU in Brussels simply do not reckon with our interests. To a question of the iron road — it had to connect our Poppet port Koper with the Austrian and all-European railway system. Strategic character of the highway is obvious. But I do not exclude that its construction was not pleasant to someone in Brussels, Berlin and Washington D.C. taking into account the package of protocols signed in February, 2017 about intentions with the Russian state company Open joint-stock company "Rossiyskiye zheleznyye dorogi" about its participation in railway construction to Slovenia.

In that case — and Russians, and we — hostages of policy of double standards. This Russophobic and slavyanofobsky policy is shown everywhere where communications between our Slavic people are outlined. The present country leaders prefer not to quarrel with Brussels for the sake of the people. And it arranges that we turn into the people of the second grade, and it is classical Nazism. The office of Tserar connected by this policy was not going to interfere with it. It means that in case of its repeated coming to power if for us something and exchanges, only for the worse. Against being aggravated all-European and world political risks these my fears more than are proved. Now the question costs so: or us will use in game by someone else's rules for others prizes, or we will become subjects in domestic and international policy. While the authorities in power are engaged in political properties and a clownery. If Tserar uses argument of roads Koper — Divacha, he holds back that the Poppet port Koper — is the only sea gate Slovenia, and on them — encumbrance by the territorial conflict to the next Croatia. This is a key problem for our country is constantly used in pre-election rhetoric of all political forces, but, after coming to power all continue to be engaged in imitation. And result — zero. For a start it is necessary to remember what exactly the current power Slovenia bears responsibility that, having the guaranteed levers of the solution of this problem, to please to Berlin and to Washington D.C., decided to betray our national interests. Slovenia without resistance loses the territory, the sea and it has to pay for it. Our party "Slovenia Is Uniform" — the only force whom it worries in practice.

: On reception in December, 2017 which after the repeated election as the president Borut Pahor organized for the rivals on an electoral race, you did not offer to it a hand. Information that it was expression of your relation to Borut Pahor for his role in transformation of the Slovenian-Croatian territorial conflict into unsoluble knot is how proved.

It is the truth. At Slovenia was unique opportunity to solve this key problem in 2009, without making it any efforts. It is simple to block the introduction Croatia in EU and NATO. Exactly for this purpose our party (Slovenian National party — REGNUM news agency information agency "REGNUM" ) began petition for a referendum about the introduction Croatia in NATO. Borut Pahor, being the prime minister of that time, under pressure of Washington D.C. and Brussels specially arrived on a meeting with me to persuade not to initiate this referendum and not to lift protest action. For this meeting me even released from prison where I was on far-fetched charge. But, using administrative opportunities, Borut Pahor disorganized process of preparation of a referendum. It is unacceptable for the statesman of any country, not only Slovenia. For the sake of this decision our party was destroyed. But now we created much more powerful party — "United Slovenia" which chairman I am. Now Borut Pahor shows off and plays the angry fighter for national interests, sending claims to the European arbitration after as a consent to the introduction Croatia in EU with an unresolved territorial problem de facto recognized its right for the primordial Slovenian water area.


Disappoints that on these tricks the Russian management comes across. During recent visit of your Minister of Foreign Affairs Lavrov to Slovenia on February 21 this year on joint press conferences our head of foreign policy department Karl Iryavets unexpectedly lifted a subject of the Slovenian-Croatian territorial dispute. Using, obviously, weak awareness Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation in specifics of this question, it continued empty rhetoric about judicial punishment concerning Croatia. Actually, taking away opinion of the public from original responsible — the president Borut Pahor, the Slovenian management involves Russian Federation in one territorial conflict. Really it and without it has not enough problems? There are much more important questions of the bilateral and international relations in which decision a role Russian Federation can and has to become key for Slovenia and only EU. Allow me to give a concrete example.

In 1991 Slovenia found independence. Thus our politicians "somehow" did not notice the agreement on restoration of democratic and independent Austria which was signed in Vienna on May 15, 1955. Slovenia is not the assignee of SFRYu with which at Austria all relations were settled. It de facto means that Slovenia at all is not the sovereign state. Also it is necessary to consider that fact that frontier with Austria not demarkirovana. It, for example, means that we cannot adequately protect Slovenian minority in the Austrian earth Federal Province of Carinthia. Also it is a shame that till today the status Slovenia was not defined by any Slovenian government. And, if the speech about Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Russian Federation as the right successor of the USSR and, therefore, the participant of the international agreement on Austria, has to be informed on it came.

: At last presidential election you showed the fourth result. With such potential — even in the conditions of the information pressure of pro-imperious mass media — your party can represent real force. Including for potential allies. To Côme Vy with your adherence to principles would be ready to give a hand?

Ya I do not pay attention to conventions of the names everyone "political ranges" and "orientations". And I whom for some reason rank to "far right", do not see in it any sense. I can shake hands with those who at the left, on the right, even that who lagged behind and is behind. The only criterion — the politician and party have to work in interests of the Slovenian nation and the Slovenian state. I am ready to communicate with any Slovenian politician who works for the benefit of our people.

For example, I do not see any contradictions even with such "left" politician, as the mayor of Ljubljana Zoran Yankovich. Having won a convincing victory at parliamentary elections of 2011, its Positive Slovenia party created actually from scratch got under pressure Washington D.C. and could not lead Zoran Yankovich to premieres. Our division into "left-right" — full convention. I am ready to shake hands with Zoran Yankovich — if him "Positive Slovenia" comes to national assembly and Slovenia will maintain national interests.