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Chapter Ministry Selskoye economy and food Republic of Tatarstan responded to offensive words Alexander Tkachyov, and Elmira Zaripova opened details about the program "rural the matkapitala"

At once about two measures of support of villagers reported today in Government of the Republic of Tatarstan. Owners of cows and goats will ahead of schedule receive subsidies on 2-4 thousand for a cow in connection with a collapse in prices on milk. And to young mothers single payments in 50-100 thousand rubles for the birth of children by analogy to the federal program the matkapitala are allocated. The correspondent business e-newspaper "Business Online" heard sad statistics — because of an urbanization the Tatarstan village loses on 3 thousand fertilny women annually.


the Subject of full support of inhabitants of the village was devoted to

a today's briefing in Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Tatarstan. Two important decisions President of the Republic of Tatarstan by Rustam Minnikhanov were sounded at once: about allocation of 360 million rubles for the aid to the population of the republic supporting milch animals, and also about 140 million rubles — on birth rate increase among inhabitants of rural areas. The first decision was sounded by the deputy prime minister of RT – the Minister of Agriculture and the food of RT Marat Akhmetov .

"Work on agriculture support we try to do

taking into account thin specifics of rural tenor of life. We always considered the village more, than agriculture, and not only as economy sector and as a state way of life" — it began the speech.

the Minister explained that this year in connection with falling of purchase prices of milk at the population the decision to pay money on the maintenance of milch herd in population farms ahead of schedule, in February was made. The similar measure of support already practiced in RT, since 2010, but last year, for example, money were paid only in August.


this year will stimulate first of all those villagers, at whom more than one head of KRS. It speaks simply: from one cow the owner is able to sell milk independently — to the neighbors, the family. And here if it is more than animals, for certain it is necessary to hand over it to traders who already put the price, and, alas, today it is low.

"For those who supports one cow, the size of a subsidy will make 2 thousand rubles, two cows – on 3 thousand rubles, three and more cows – on 4 thousand rubles on one cow" — Marat Akhmetov reported. It is single payment. Subsidies for those villagers who support goats are also provided – from calculation for 1 thousand rubles is one goat more senior than one year or a kozomatka.

the Minister explained

why it is so important to support villagers at the difficult moment — the republic is traditionally strong the small forms of managing (SFM) of the republic. For 2017 they made a half of volume of gross agricultural output – for the sum of 130,5 billion rubles.

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In total last year was allocated with to small forms of managing, 200 million — untied support of plant growing, 180 — subsidies for animal husbandry, 141,5 — subsidies for agricultural machinery purchase, 60 — subsidies for plant growing. Besides, on 33 million rubles ways to family farms were laid, 129 million make other types of support.

"Different forms of support — on acquisitions of a livestock of KRS, a bird, veterinary actions, on acquisition of forages... In more detail our studying of opportunities and requirements of country people leads us to continuous search of different forms of support, total amount turns out a little more than 2 billion rubles" — chapter Ministry Selskoye economy and food Republic of Tatarstan speaks.

As are considered by Marat Akhmetov, thanks to the taken measures of state support in RT it was succeeded to stabilize KRS livestock, and in northern areas even the gain is observed.

In six years of implementation of the <33> Development family livestock farms and Support of Beginning Farmers programs grants got 821 country and farmer Peasant farm holding "Economy" for the sum of 1,6 billion rubles, from them in 2017 – 121 PEASANT FARM HOLDING "ON" 375 million rubles. Today in RT 1205 family farms, in the course of construction of 104 more farms are. In processing farmers have about 200 thousand hectares of lands, in this work over 3 thousand people are occupied. Besides, in the republic the program of construction of farmer agroparks — by an example Kazan, but, of course, less mastshaby started.

"We plan to construct

in all regional centers, first of all — in 17 areas and the cities with the greatest number of urban population. The first agropark will be in Zainsk" — Marat Akhmetov announced. Everyone will be financed from budgets on 90 million rubles.

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Answering a question business e-newspaper "Business Online", Marat Akhmetov told, as for 2018 the volume of the help will be kept at the same level. "If from the federal program on account of other subjects who will not master the limits, there is a redistribution, of course, the republic on the part of joint financing will find resources" — the minister is sure.

did not do without question of falling of purchase prices of milk. Let's remind, on the past to week the federal minister Alexander Tkachyov designated Tatarstan "a raw appendage" that the republic takes out large volumes milks for the borders.

"The federal management, the ministry rural farms more us criticizes

though a problem not so much in us — Marat Akhmetov let know at once, but did not begin to aggravate a problem and extremely quietly returned "pass" on federal level. — Simply this year because of immense delivery dry milks, maslosyrny products to Russian Federation the natural raw materials not at such level were demanded".

At the same time it reminded that the enterprises of a molokopererabotka being "VAMINA" passed recently through bankruptcy procedure and only just found new owners. "Investors came and started working, but they anew need to create the line of production, to place it in distribution networks, it will demand time" — the minister explained.

"We were compelled to continue

and this year to 1 thousand tons to take out out of borders of the republic. But suddenly the enterprises with which we have long-term contacts, started speaking: "We have raw materials — dry milk for processing, we milk will not buy yours". Time is not present demand, the prices" started falling — he with what falling of the prices began explained.

At the same time, by words Marat Akhmetov, at Republic of Tatarstan are quite clear strategy as the molokopererabotka in the republic will be increased. "We have a serious program on Kazan molkombinatu (investor — the Udmurt holding LLC "KOMOS GROUP" Andrey Shutov ), the investment project on 1 billion rubles and an exit to 1 thousand tons of daily processing. They increase day after day reception milks — began with 40 tons and now 200 tons, by summer gave the schedule that come to 400 tons. The same project across Mamadyshsky ("The cheese alphabet" Muratov Marat ), Naberezhnye Chelny ("Agrosila" of Ilshat Faridiyev ), Bugulma to combines. There is LLC DAIRY PLANT "KASYMOVSKY" — at them while 90, but there is a program on 200 tons of processing, the Chistopolsky plant has potential, and Zelenodolsky ( ) is already loaded by ZMK "Ak Bars Holdings" Yegorov Yvan

by words Marat Akhmetov, 1 billion rubles is allocated by President of the Republic of Tatarstan in the form of subsidies for liter milks, these means by spring producers will receive milks — legal persons (on 3 rubles on liter the realized milks).

"All the same the management of the federal ministry will reflect. They already started the analysis why so it turned out, the country allowed delivery from the outside so much production. Before the natural milks there were no 6-7 million tons, and suddenly own raw materials were not demanded. Groups expert started working: both antimonopoly service, and customs service, and Federal Supervision Agency for Customer Protection and Human Welfare" — Marat Akhmetov hinted at possible establishing order "from above". Also he noticed that to help to deal with illegal dairy powder electronic veterinary certification which will earn since July 1, 2018 will help. "Republic of Tatarstan needs to worry own stabilization measures this 2018" — the minister rural RT farms suggested to stock up with patience.

As to were written business e-newspaper "Business Online", in the village already seriously began to think, instead of whether not to let cows on meat while were not ruined at all because of reduction of prices of milk. In December-January purchase prices fell to 20%.


B development subjects of support of villagers the floor was taken by the minister of work, employment and RT Elmira Zaripova . But before announcing a presidential initiative of payment money to rural mothers, it gave terrifying statistical data which state: republic villages simply become extinct.

should be Begun with that in 2017 in the republic was born 48,1 thousand kids that on 7,7 thousand people is less, than in 2016. But if the number of inhabitants of the large cities after all grows, rural the population is steadily reduced.

"There is a shift of a demographic center of weight towards the cities" — with grief stated Elmira Zaripova. From all been born in the republic in 2017 of 83% — 17% — in the village were born in the city district, and. For comparison, in 1999 inhabitants of the Tatarstan village gave the republics of 30% of all newborns.

"In 37 regions of RT observe natural losses of the population, it generally rural areas. The greatest decrease is noted in Tetyushi district, Bolshie Kaibitsy district, Rybnaya Sloboda district" — the minister reported. On the contrary, the number of inhabitants Kazan, Boats, Almetyevsk district, Nizhnekamsk district, Yelabuga district grows.

the Demographic situation for the last 17 years in a root changed, endures Elmira Zaripova. If gave birth, in the majority, women till 24 years (48,8%) earlier, today average women in labor strongly "grew old" — 40% from them are women from 25 to 29 years. The share of age mummies (30-34 years) though in former time such was much less (16,4%) grew to 26,6%. And here young girls till 24 years do not hurry to get posterity — such only 19,9%. That is there is "a postponed birth of children".

On these characteristic for Russian Federation, as a whole, processes, imposed also a so-called demographic hole of the 90th years of the last century — the genital age was entered by the small women born in days of political and economic cataclysms in our country. Plus proceeds outflow of young girls from the village: as a rule, selchanka go to the cities behind education or in job searches and there and remain.

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"Annual decrease in women of fertilny age from 15 to 49 years in the village makes more than 3 thousand people" — declared as a sentence Elmira Zaripova.

She noted that the maternity capital and other known measures of a social support help to get out of this hole a little. Recipients of various maternal and children's grants are more than 380 thousand Tatarstaners, for it is spent by 2,6 billion rubles a year. But it is obviously not enough of it as the population in the village all the same sharply falls.

B Republic of Tatarstan thought up as still it is possible to push a selchanok, first, to remain to live in the village and to give birth to new inhabitants of villages and villages. So the idea to pay to all ladies living in the village not less than three years, on 50 thousand rubles — for the first child (age till 25 years), and on 100 thousand rubles — on the third (age till 29 years), one-time was born. Happy parents of the second child, probably, are considered and without that treated kindly by state support in a look the matkapitala.

"All of us are women and we understand that 50 thousand rubles — it is that money which are important at the first moments — purchase of a carriage, beds, food, pampers" — were explained by the official.

It is considered

that all about 2,4 thousand women will be able to apply for support. On payments rural to women in labor in budget RT is put financing in 140,7 million rubles. It is interesting that the family income in this case will not be considered: they will be received by everything, the only important condition — to address for payments within 6 months after the birth of the child.

Journalists among whom there were many women, noticed that restriction on age was in vain made, after all to the state it is important that in the village in principle there were new inhabitants. What difference, will be to the woman of 29 or 32 years? But the decision is made and while are not going to change it.

the Condition of receiving payments is the birth of the first child after January 1, 2018, existence of nationality Russian Federation and the term of continuous accommodation in rural areas in RT territory not less than three years. It is necessary to address for payments in office of GKU "Republican Center of Financial Support (Compensation Payments)" in a residence, it is also possible to process documents in MFTs or through a portal of state services.

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