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of PAO Open joint-stock company "Vympel-Kommunikatsii" (a brand "Beeline") opened to subscribers - users of a mobile application "TV Beeline" access to video viewing in a format virtual realities (VR). In companies emphasized that Open joint-stock company "Vympel-Kommunikatsii" became the first among operators who provided such service.

As Open joint-stock company "Vympel-Kommunikatsii" specified to the correspondent of daily online newspaper "" in the press service, the appendix "TV Beeline" available to subscribers in all regions. New service also will be available in all regions. In companies reported that the operator starts service together with company Prosense specializing in area of translations in virtual realities of sports, cultural and business events." Now we cooperate with company Prosense which in turn works with various producers of a VR content. We are open to offers from producers of such content", - told in the press service Open joint-stock company "Vympel-Kommunikatsii".

the Official representative of the operator specified that the big library of videos and movies with monthly replenishment and updating will be available to users, and further there will be a possibility of viewing of live broadcasts of various actions in a format of VR.

Telling about in what quantity Open joint-stock company "Vympel-Kommunikatsii" plans to provide a content, in companies reported that now the library totals 40 videos." Sports events, travel, feature films and there is much another. In the appendix possibility of translation on the air in a format virtual realities" is provided, - told in the press service of the operator, having added that in plans of companies - continuous addition of library of video of VR with monthly updating.

"All users of the appendix will be able to see free of charge three videos in the section" VR" in the main menu. The cost of access to full library of video and to translations for 30 days will make 190 rub including VAT, thus the payment for service will be carried out from phone account, - told in companies. - For access it is necessary to become authorized on "Beeline" phone number.

B Open joint-stock company "Vympel-Kommunikatsii" added that for immersions by means of points virtual realities is required the smartphone or a tablet on the basis of operating systems of Google Android 4.4 and above, Apple iOS 8 and above. Width of the smartphone should not exceed the admissible size of the chosen font. On tablets on the basis of the same operating systems video viewing with a circular panorama in a format 360z will be available to the user, and video viewing with effect of presence will require points virtual realities any producers.

according to the director of development media business Open joint-stock company "Vympel-Kommunikatsii" Sitkovskaya Maria, the VR content, which popularity actively grows, will allow subscribers to feel effect of presence when viewing video that will lift the user experience on essentially new level and will allow to attract new audience. However in companies to the correspondent of daily online newspaper "" did not specify, how many users of a VR content company plans to attract by the end of 2018

Making comments on new service Open joint-stock company "Vympel-Kommunikatsii", the analyst of Finam <12> Group Leonid Delitsyn told that the number of subscribers of paid TV thanks to only one VR content hardly will increase." If I correctly understand, it is a question of increasing number of subscribers of paid TV thanks to a VR content", - it noticed. However, the analyst added, about 2,5% of the most active subscribers (so-called innovators) who in general love new offers can examine a VR content and test everything that appears.

the Correspondent of daily online newspaper "" interrogated

of other communications operators and learned, whether they are ready to provide a video content in a VR format. In the press service of PUBLIC JOINT-STOCK COMPANY "ROSTELECOM" reported that company "watches closely development VR but while considers potential audience for a VR content is insignificant small (very expensive gadgets)." With growth of audience we will staticize our plans", - reported in PUBLIC JOINT-STOCK COMPANY "ROSTELECOM".

of PAO Open joint-stock company "MegaFon" also the VR content "yet does not plan to provide to users of service Megafon. TV", but studies the market. "We had an experience of productions with partners of a VR content, but in the image purposes", - the head of the press service of the operator Dorokhina Julia specified.

B Open joint-stock company "MegaFon" consider that the VR content market to Russian Federation is very young. Among barriers of developments this market Dorokhina Julia called the high price of the equipment, low quality of a content, technical restrictions. "At VR two directions:" house" VR and location based entertainment are entertainments in special places, movie theaters, game clubs", - told in Open joint-stock company "MegaFon", having noted that house VR is limited in development to the high cost of points and purchase of not less expensive computer.

the Subject of granting a video content in a format of VR is interesting by

to "Akado Telecom" (JSC "KOMKOR")." Now we analyze the market, we estimate prospects of VR and a way of monetizations services. Today many large companies develop technologies virtual realities, the video content of VR is presented in the market in large volume", - the director of the department of strategic marketing and developments told businesses to "Akado Telecom" Vladimir Karpenko.

According to him in spite of the fact that VR call the mankind future, implementation of the project virtual realities demands big expenses and permanent job over improvement of this technologies ". Even more advanced technology is considered AR - augmented reality, - and we also study it regarding further application. Over development VR and AR actively work many companies regarding use in different branches. For example, and AR in the game industry many consider emergence of VR as the real revolution", - noted in "Akado".

according to the PR director Group of companies "Yevroset" Pertseva Alexander, VR technologies develop today very promptly, confirmation to that is also fast-growing demand for VR points.

"If few years ago this gadget was inaccessible to the majority of people, today becomes quite real purchase for admirers of fashionable devices. Only in Group of companies "Yevroset" in the IV quarter of last year concerning the III quarter of the same year of sale of VR points in quantity grew almost by nine times, and in revenue - by eight times", - reported in Group of companies "Yevroset". In 2018 the retailer expects that the number of admirers of VR points considerably will increase, as emergence of technologies virtual realities in each house - a matter of time.

As noticed in the press service of JSC "Khaskerton", in the last two years points virtual realities promptly gain popularity. In JOINT-STOCK COMPANY "GROUP OF COMPANIES "SVYAZNOY" they appeared on sale in the IV quarter 2016. And in comparison with the IV quarter 2017 of sale grew by 50% in pieces and for 40% - in money ". Growth of popularity of VR points is connected with a demand of the game gadgets combining innovations, the present, compactness and reasonable prices", - concluded in companies.

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