The American nuclear reactors threaten the peace

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Washington D.C. is ready to fill up nuclear branch with money not to lag behind from Moscow and Beijing

Management on the nuclear power, entering Department of Energy of the United States of America, plans to spend $400 million for updating and development branches. Those companies will get grants who will offer innovative construction projects of the nuclear power plant and updating of existing stations.

"Management on nuclear power looks for unique/new offers which will help to improve an existing complex of power plants and to expand possibilities of United States of America in the sphere of new technologies nuclear power - both on their introduction, and on deduction of leading positions in this area, and also to increase competitiveness of the American industry", - quotes RT the description of conditions of a grant.

At the moment United States of America have 99 active reactors which develop 30% of world volume of the energy received on the nuclear power plant. By means of grants Washington D.C. hopes to expand prospects of own nuclear power and to provide its viability for future generations. State investments will promote the accelerated development of design and technological decisions. The most advanced from them it is planned to introduce into circulation in the next ten years. The main goal - to modernize the sphere to the middle of the 2020th.

the American officials in 2013 declared that all reactors in the territory of the country settled a forty-year resource of safe work and they need to be replaced. Accident on the Japanese nuclear power plant "Fukushima-1" in March, 2011 became an indirect demonstration of their correctness - the General Electric reactors similar on type with working in United States of America there were installed. However money on replacement is not present therefore Washington D.C. should prolong the term of operation of available reactors.

the Editor-in-chief of branch publishing house Nuclear.Ru Platonov Ilya says
now has not the best times." To United States of America buildings of the nuclear power plant, very big overexpenditure of the estimate and shifts of terms are stopped. Also in States still and already long ago the problem of the treatment of the fulfilled nuclear fuel as the program of construction of the centralized storage did not leave in an active phase" is not solved, - the expert specified, having added that without solution of the problem of recycling it is impossible to develop.

the Main competitors of United States of America are companies from Russian Federation and China which actively act on a foreign market." In China and Russian Federation exists strong state support. The decision on nuclear power plant construction to United States of America assign to companies, including private, and support carries not uniform state, and only declarative character. In this regard the great value is given to economic feasibility", - Platonov Ilya noted.

as a whole at United States of America interest to nuclear power is much lower than

, than at Russian Federation, China and India. About 75-80% of all new power units entered in the world are the share of Chinese. Therefore, according to the forecast of International Energy Agency, by 2040 the power of nuclear power in the world will grow by 60%, and the power of the American - for only 16%.

To United States of America there is no understanding of future role of nuclear power in the general energy balance, it starts conceding considerably at cost to other types of energy." Today almost for 100 blocks of the nuclear power plant there is a question how to be competitive. There were cases in the last some years when operation of blocks ahead of schedule stopped because of noncompetitiveness", - the director of the Center of power and safety Anton Khlopkov explained. According to him, United States of America also concede in part of technologies enrichments therefore are compelled to buy technologies in Europe.

Washington D.C. is theoretically ready to resume cooperation with Russian Federation in the field of nuclear power in the 2020th years to reduce lag from world leaders. However it is impossible until the parties will not resume cooperation in the sphere of nuclear safety, suspended by States unilaterally in 2014. in connection with events in Ukraine. As a result Russian Federation in return was necessary to suspend contract about utilization of weapon plutonium.

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