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Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation in partnership with the Forum of Slavic cultures will create a network of tourist routes for integration in "Cultural routes" Council of Europe

B Ljubljana the international conference "Cultural Routes of the Slavic World on the Card Europe" – the unique platform, urged to emphasize cultural and historical unity of the Slavic states opened. During a partner country meeting for the first time discussed creation of a new all-Slavic cultural and historical route with its subsequent integration in "Cultural routes" Council of Europe.

on October 12 in Ljubljana Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation together with the Forum of Slavic cultures opened the "Cultural Routes of the Slavic World on the Card Europe" conference. The conference purpose – creation of a network of the unique all-Slavic routes reflecting not only ethnic, language and cultural proximity, but also representing the general spiritual space of the Slavic countries.

Member countries of the Forum of Slavic cultures with the assistance of the director of the Forum of Slavic cultures Rikhter Andreia, the executive secretary of the expanded Partial agreement Council of Europe "Cultural routes" Stephano Dominioni, the mayor of Ljubljana Zoran Yankovich, Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation Yarilova Olga Yarilova Olga for the first time presented the director of the department of tourism and regional policy both existing, and potential cultural and tourist destination over which further work will be continued.

the Event caused interest of the largest mass media Slovenia. During press approach Yarilova Olga told about the importance of association and creation of new unique cultural routes not only for Russian Federation, but also for all Slavic world: "This project is urged to highlight in focus objects of a cultural heritage, and first of all, the objects entered in the list of the World heritage Specialized establishment United Nations concerning education, sciences and cultures with which our countries are so rich. Cultural routes have to become the largest project which will support and will advance all design activity of the Forum of Slavic cultures. And active participation of each country in cultural routes will make it successful.


Ya it is sure that all our projects will serve as the driver of developments all industry projects of the Forum, whether it be museum either publishing, or any other, and will make certainly synergetic success.


the tourist community is important to involve Today

in creation of cultural routes because most fully to open and present to the whole world the cultural, historical, spiritual capacity of our countries without tourism it is impossible. For this reason we suggest to unite a uniform subject, a uniform brand all our countries. It will allow all of us to enter the European tourist markets, having strengthened positions of the Slavic countries on the European space".

Russian Federation presented to

and the Slavic world". The pilgrim route of "A shrine of undivided Christianity" is directed on association of the most significant temples and monasteries Russian Federation, Croatia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Serbia, Czech Republic, called in honor of sacred undivided Christian Church or these sacred storing relics.

the Second project – "Imperial residences Russian Federation and the Slavic world" – the cultural route devoted to a dynasty of Romanov, governing in Russian Federation more than 300 years and scarred national history. The route will visually show Romanov' close connections and other dynasties of the Slavic world which have had serious impact on international policy both in many respects defined agreement of opinion and mutual support of the Slavic people; will unite the numerous palaces built in different architectural styles, for various purposes, in different parts of the huge empire.

the Russian regions participated In development of projects – potential participants of all-Slavic unique routes Council of Europe. During conference presented the cultural and tourist potential of various Russian Minister of Culture directions and tourism Ryazan region Popov Vitaly, the deputy minister of culture Moscow region Zhilkina Nadezhda, the director of Agency of tourism and advance Tyumen region Trofimova Maria, the chief of DEPARTMENT FOR CULTURE and tourism Lipetsk region Volkov Vadim, director general the Novgorod state integrated memorial estate Grigoryeva Natalia, the director of the Historical and cultural museum complex "Aseev' Estate" (Tambov) Cherkasova Irina, the director of the museum "Tula Kremlin" Zykova Helena.

suppose further presentation of routes in Luxembourg at meeting of Management board of the Expanded partial agreement on cultural routes Council of Europe for their integration in the Cultural Routes program noting this year 30-year anniversary. Participation in the program will allow to carry out advance of all-Slavic heritage at all largest international cultural and tourist venues: World Tourism Organization, Specialized establishment United Nations concerning education, sciences and cultures, the European office of United Nations in Vienna. Today in the Cultural Routes program Council of Europe 32 routes uniting the European countries and devoted to the general cultural heritage. The priority purposes of the program – enhancing cooperation with Russian Federation, the countries Central Europe, Eastern Europe and Southeast Europe in view of what creation of an all-Slavic route is especially actual.



"Cultural Routes of the Slavic World on the Card Europe" Conference will come to the end 13 oktyabrya.