Hopes and alarms agrarian sektora12 October, 2017

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Today meeting of committee on affairs of the village and agro-industrial policy (the chairman Zyablov Sergei ) took place.

Careful optimism

Deputies considered changes in the Law "About the regional budget for 2017 and planning period of 2018 — 2019". The document was submitted by the Acting Deputy Prime Minister — the minister of finance Bakhar Vladimir. He noted: "This year is characterized by stabler situation, than previous. For the first time for many years budget in 9 months is executed without deficiency. According to adjustment according to the income budget increases by 3,3 billion rubles, expenses increase on 4 billion, deficiency — on 600 million and will make 14,9 billion rubles".

the Deputy minister of agriculture Beletskaya Larissa reported

about changes in the <18> Development agriculture and regulation of the markets of agricultural production, raw materials and food program. According to her, expenses increase by the sum nearly 290 million rubles, including at the expense of means federal budgets by 32 million, regional — by 258 million rubles. As a whole according to the program expenses will make 7 billion 81 million rubles taking into account federal and regional funds.

Expenses increase, in particular, on:

  • of a subsidy for compensation of part of expenses for payment of percent on credits, received after January 1, 2017 for a period of up to 1 year — 98 million rubles; subsidies for compensation of part of expenses for production and realization of milks and molokoproduktov, including to the state and municipal enterprises — 70 million;
  • of a subsidy for compensation of part of expenses for payment of percent on credits (to loans), received for a period of up to 1 year — 53,4 million

Sergey Zyablov summarized

Zyablov Sergei. It is possible to divide optimism of the Ministry of Finance relatively budget performances, but it is very careful, as ahead a November more and December".

to Rescue pig-breeding

At meeting of committee of the acting vice-chairman of Government of Krasnoyarsk territory — the Minister of Agriculture Leonid Nikolaevich Shorokhov informed deputies on introduction of a mode emergency situations in the territory Berezovsky rayon in connection with the outbreak of the African plague of pigs.

Flash was registered by

on October 5: in Zykovo's village Berezovsky rayon established fact of a case of pigs. "The necessary package of measures on elimination of the center was carried out — Leonid Nikolaevich Shorokhov emphasized. — Situation difficult. Quickly worked veterinary services, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, Federal Veterinary And Phytosanitary Monitoring Service and the head of the Village Council Zykovo. For today in the village 1520 heads of pigs are withdrawn. All of them are burned. Now there is a territory disinfection. Quarantine is not removed. There is a lot of work, it is necessary to disinfect the soil. Restrictions will work half a year more. 275 settlements got to a threatened zone, including Divnogorsk, Zheleznogorsk and Krasnoyarsk. The package of documents in the Ministry of Finance for compensation for the withdrawn livestock is now formed. The price — 140 rubles for kilogram".

Krasnoyarsk Krai 88 farms are engaged in

B Krasnoyarsk territory

the Chief of the department Administration office Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance on Krasnoyarsk territory Agapov Alexander did not hide emotions: "The separate program for emergency situations is necessary for our edge. It is necessary to carry out a large number of researches. Our laboratory does not consult. 30 tests a day — are a miserable amount! Each piece of meat has to pass laboratory. Our experts quickly reacted, and here in Omsk, unfortunately, missed the infection moment. Besides, our experts try to check a number of farms, and prosecutor's office speaks: "Within the 294th Federal Law". As a result at our experts hands though it is necessary to declare emergency situation are tied. We have an economy on which head six protocols were got. And he both fed pigs with food waste, and feeds. This year we closed three enterprises for 90 days. In such situation there is a question of pig-breeding elimination".


At meeting it was spoken and about low level of a salary specialists of veterinary services.

"Officially I declare

: if pig-breeding farms do not bring an elementary order, the ministry will find a way as to close them — Leonid Nikolaevich Shorokhov told. — It is impossible to endanger all pig-breeding in the region in which billion rubles were enclosed. Today in farms at us 12 thousand heads, in large — 376 thousand" are.

the Chairman of committee Zyablov Sergei noted

: "Our special services showed high level of professionalism. But it is necessary to develop veterinary service and to create mobile groups. I believe that Krayevoy parlament should address in Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation for the purpose of legislation change. Specialists of veterinary services have to have a right to check agricultural enterprises more than once in three years, and is more often, taking into account a developing situation. The relevant initiative will be prepared by agrarian committee and presented at the closest session of Legislative Assembly".

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