Artificial intelligence: favorable business or threat to mankind

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Artificial intelligence: favorable business or threat to mankind
Katsiev Alan,

CHTO World SUCH Artificial intelligence

Work goes to areas Artificial intelligence and Walter Pitts output the concept "Neural networks" is a mathematical model, and also its program or hardware embodiment, constructed by the principle of the organization and functioning of networks of nervous cages of a live organism. In 1957, based on these ideas, the physicist Frank Rozenblatt offered a perceptron – computer model of perception of information a brain. For the first time the perceptron was realized by Frank Rozenblatt in the form of first-ever neurocomputers "Mark Zuckerberg 1". Speaking more simply, Artificial intelligence is the car, capable to think and carry out the same tasks, as a brain of the person.

Ever since, apropos Artificial intelligence inflamed disputes which do not abate and to this day. For example, many still deny existence Artificial intelligence, referring to opening about ants.

Long time was considered that ants possess intelligence. Later discoveries proved that insects feign it. Supporters of this theory consider that the same and with computers - existence of Artificial intelligence is impossible as the human brain and neural communications up to the end are not studied. Only the small part is more precisely studied.

However to argue on existence Artificial intelligence everything is less expedient because annual opening prove to sceptics the return. For example, one of the best examples of development Artificial intelligence is IBM Watson, Artificial intelligence. He understands questions in a natural language and finds on them answers in base.

during presentation of the CEO IBM computer Ruby Anne declared that Watson surpasses a human brain in cases when search of communications and insayto is problematic because of the excessive volume of data.

But even if these scientific explanations are not especially clear, have enough to remember examples of Artificial intelligence which with ease fitted into our life. For example, the mobile assistant to Siri or the appendix popular in last year for processing of photos Prisma. What to tell about existence of the Chinese city Yinchuan where cash cards are not necessary to inhabitants, and all calculations are made by means of Face recognition.

AS Mark Zuckerberg the MASK ACCUSED: DISPUTES About SAFETY Artificial intelligence

But if with evidential base of existence of Artificial intelligence more and more or less clearly, questions about safety is the real apple of discord. Remember how often in movies us frighten of cars which enslaved mankind. Robots, not allocated Artificial intelligence are not capable of it, and here Artificial intelligence – quite.

And it must be said, what even known billionaires in the sphere of IT and technologies cannot come to the general consensus.

For example, the founder of SpaceX Elon Musk is sure that Artificial intelligence will ruin a terrestrial civilization.

"Artificial intelligence are fundamental risk for a human civilization. Artificial intelligence will lead to mass problems with work because robots will be able everything better to make us. Companies in a pursuit of the advanced technologies can forget about dangers which proceed from Artificial intelligence", - told Mask.

of his fear are divided also by the cofounder of Microsoft COR Bill Gates.

"Some decades later after robots will carry out the most part of work, Artificial intelligence will develop so that becomes a concern subject. I agree with Elon Musk in this occasion and I do not understand why some people are not concerned by this question", - Bill Gates summarized.

among these "some", Bill Gates, probably, CEO of Social network Facebook meant Mark Zuckerberg who called statements the Mask irresponsible, and inventors "people of idle time".

"I have an accurate position on this occasion, I am optimistic. I think that you can create things which will make the world better. But in a case from Artificial intelligence I am especially optimistical. And these people of idle time show scepticism, arguing on doomsday scenarios. It has negative effect and it is very irresponsible. New technologies can be always used to create good or the evil. In practice from mass distribution of Artificial intelligence we will see positive effect in 5-10 years", - Mark Zuckerberg told.

Though it would be strange if Mark Zuckerberg, introducing face recognition function Face recognition in Social network Facebook, adhered to any other position.

Anyway, disputes by disputes, and Artificial intelligence continues to develop promptly.

FRIGHTENING ACHIEVEMENTS Artificial intelligence

Face recognition Social network Facebook

of the Last some years Mark Zuckerberg conducts work over new functions for a social network, to be exact development Artificial intelligence who will distinguish emotions of users and to offer a content in the right frame of mind.

At present Artificial intelligence Social network Facebook can already study and distinguish patterns. However it is terrible to present, what content will offer Artificial intelligence if gets out of hand, for example, to the person in a depression.

Nadine and "Jan-Jan"

Besides that Artificial intelligence at all does not concede Car

human, scientists try to make cars externally the most similar to people.

For example, the Japanese scientist created the Jan-Jan car which is as like as two peas similar to his daughter. The "artificial" woman is able to embrace and shake hands.

Similar robots, Nadine, developed in Singapore. The woman possesses fine hair and skin which are very difficult for distinguishing from the human. Now she is able to smile, welcome people, to shake hands, look in the face and even to recognize acquaintances whom saw earlier, and to support with them conversation on the basis of last communication.

By the way, the doctor Pirson Ian made a hypothesis: by 2030 each person will participate in some form of virtual sex, and to 2050 sex with robots becomes norm. Remember an episode from popular series "Black Mirror" when the heroine the heroine instead of the late husband had robot similar to it, only with inexhaustible sexual energy?

Artificial intelligence Xiaoice

Developers of Artificial intelligence very much do not love

when to them say that them robots are worse than people: let they and clever, but insensible. To correct this "shortcoming", scientists were accepted to creation of Artificial intelligence who can have feelings and emotions. And it must be said that their work already yields the fruits.

For example, researchers from Microsoft COR Application and Service Group created Artificial intelligence Xiaoice which is a prototype of the 17-year-old girl. It can be hypochondriac, sarcastic and impatient and if does not know the answer to the asked questions, simply starts saying lies.

it is interesting to

how people are going to be allocated against robots who think and look better, than they, and besides can feel?

Artificial intelligence instead of directors and journalists

When supporters Artificial intelligence protect it from attacks of sceptics, they often adduce argument about inability of robots to replace experts from the intellectual sphere. That is, if Artificial intelligence also are reduced by quantity of workplaces, general workers who by the time of universal start of Artificial intelligence will already manage to train for a new profession will suffer only.

However the Japanese company Deep Knowledge proves to

the return. They included Artificial intelligence Vital in board of directors. Now it finds tendencies which the person most often passes. As well as boards of directors follow the member, he is allocated with a vote concerning all financial decisions in companies.

robots and journalists Can force out

. For example, robots write financial reports to information agency "Associated Press" increased number of quarterly news in the edition with 300 to 4400.

according to the insurance company Swiss Re, by 2020 of 4,7 million people can remain without work. Under the threat cashiers, mail carriers, accountants and office employees. Artificial intelligence.

THAT HAPPENS WHEN Artificial intelligence GETS OUT OF HAND

Artificial intelligence worldwide more than once glitched. It seems, he at all does not like to obey the person.

For example, in August of this year in the above-mentioned company Social network Facebook two boats after connection entered non-programmable and unclear dialogue for people among themselves. Experts believe that agents tried to understand the principles of communication independently.

It, of course, not the first case when Artificial intelligence gets out of hand. Last year algorithm of Twitter Tau who was programmed for a role of the teenage girl, in a day learned racism and an offensive language.

One more chat boat of Zo from Microsoft COR got out of hand this summer. Then a question of the journalist of health system, a boat answered that "The Koran is very cruel". He also commented on elimination Osama bin Laden: "It turned out to be consequence of collecting a military information under the direction of administration of one of the countries". Though the algorithm of Zo is adjusted neutrally in relation to policy and religion.

Despite obvious contradictions Artificial intelligence, projects in this area are the most invested. For example, startups, specializing on Artificial intelligence, for 2016 collected about five billion dollars. Thus in development of Artificial intelligence invest both venture funds, and large players – Intel, Google Inc., General Electric and others.

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