The Belgorod metropolitan wished to the Belgorod teachers to endure this martyr period when over them put experiment

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the Press service of the Belgorod and Stary Oskol diocese reported that Sergei Leonidovich Popov on September 28 when in Belgorod in anticipation of international to the Teachers' Day celebrated the best teachers of area, expressed to teachers of the word of a congratulation and appreciation.

As they say in the message, "This day more than seventy teachers, those who confirmed with the service this high rank, received various awards.

of the Word of a congratulation and appreciation were expressed by the head of the Belgorod metropolitanate.

"Low to you bow, dear teachers! I wish you to endure this martyr period when over you put experiment. I thank you for your courage and I wish you the spiritual and physical fortress and the God's help in your difficult service! ", - Sergei Leonidovich Popov, the Head of the Belgorod metropolitanate told.

the Metropolitan Ioann called

Sergei Leonidovich Popov

"There are three great professions is a teacher, the doctor and the priest. Why so it developed? Because the teacher filled the pupil first of all with outlook. That is all completeness of the world as God's creations, completeness of the relations which are in the world was transferred by the teacher. The teacher was an example, a sample for a right choice in this or that life situation. The doctor cared about corporal health, the priest - about spiritual.

not the professional also I cannot judge

Ya, but I see how you overload with bureaucracy which suppresses creativity: does not allow to pass on experience which in you is, to pupils. And after all this most important. After all it is possible to stuff with information. And here the teacher" can give experience, creation, outlook only, - the Metropolitan Ioann, the Head of the Belgorod metropolitanate emphasized.

Also Belgorod very pastor shared

history how the image of the teacher defined his further life: "I will tell from the personal experience. When I graduated from school 40 years ago, before me there was a choice where to go to study. My father the writer insisted that I went to journalism faculty. I externally agreed. But I had a great teacher of history, and the image of the teacher and historical science played defining role. And I secretly from parents handed over documents on department of history, graduated from it and even then taught at institute. Thus my choice which has defined my further destiny, is connected with image of the teacher of history"".