Vladimir Makei met the president Slovenia

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during official visit to Europe the Minister of Foreign Affairs Belarus Vladimir Makei met the president Slovenia Borut Pahor.

during visit to Slovenia official meetings with the deputy prime minister, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Slovenia Eryavets Carl, the mayor of Ljubljana Zoran Yankovich, representatives of large Slovenian business also took place.

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, at negotiations with the colleague Eryavets Carl Vladimir Makei discussed an actual state and prospects of development of the Belarusian-Slovenian relations, interaction Belarus and Slovenia within the international organizations, dialogue on the line Belarus – EU, cooperation of two countries during the Belarusian presidency in the Central European Initiative. The main emphasis was placed on questions of activization of trade and economic and investment communications between two countries.

as priority spheres of strengthening of the relations the parties allocated innovative and telecommunication spheres, construction and power, agriculture and processing of food products, mechanical engineering and . Questions of expansion of credit and investment and bank interaction, industrial cooperation are considered. The agreement on activization of work on adjustment of cooperation between regions of two countries, in particular between the capital city halls is reached.

Following the results of negotiations signed the Program of cooperation between the Ministries of Foreign Affairs Belarus and Slovenia for 2017-2018 which provides the list of concrete bilateral actions and is some kind of "road map" of development of the relations between foreign policy departments of two countries on the near-term outlook.

On the same day Vladimir Makei was accepted by the president Slovenia Borut Pahor. The parties considered questions of development of economic, investment, humanitarian and cultural ties, emphasized need of expansion and increase of level of political dialogue between the countries. The situation in the region and a perspective the international is discussed. The special attention is paid to questions of development of interaction Belarus with EU.
At a meeting with the mayor of Ljubljana Zoran Yankovich Vladimir Makei discussed prospects of adjustment of direct cooperation between the capitals. The emphasis was placed not only on development of trade and economic cooperation and an exchange of experience and perspective practices in the sphere of municipal economy, but also on a cultural and humanitarian component.

Vladimir Makei thanked for granting by Ljubljana library of the original "Small roadside book" Francis Scorina for temporary exhibiting in National library Belarus. High potential of cooperation in education is separately noted.

the meeting of the Minister with representatives of the large Slovenian business interested in deepening of cooperation with Belarus at which prospects of implementation of economic projects, creations of coproductions and an entry into the markets of the third countries are discussed Took place also.