Mass media were told about frauds with fund raising on "presidential campaign" by Alexei Navalny
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Main "the fighter with corruption" Alexei Navalny together with the invariable colleague Volkov Leonid habitually went to round to existing laws, having created frankly roguish scheme of fund raising "on presidential campaign", breaking all instructions for use the international payment systems, and at the same time both financial, and pre-election legislations.


the investigation of frauds Alexei Navalny and his accomplice were carried out by the FLB Internet edition . And as a result many interesting moments became clear.

Certainly, new the blogger did not think up anything and this time. Having loudly declared the desire "to become the president", Alexei Navalny creates a special site on which declared fund raising:" Support campaign for promotion Alexei Navalny in presidents".

Here it habitually asks everyone to be dumped by some sums on the future election campaign, having transferred money on … to personal purses Volkov Leonid in "Yandex.Dengi" and payment PayPal system, into personal accounts of the same Volkov Leonid in Public joint-stock company "Sberbank Russia" and JOINT-STOCK COMPANY "ALFA-BANK", well and to cryptocurrency Bitcoin system.

On the website published an addition in which very much the following in small print (as it became banks swindlers earlier) speaks: "Before registration of an election account we carry out fund raising on Internet purses of the chief of campaign headquarters Volkov Leonid. About receipt and an expenditure of means the public reporting" will be provided.

All donations Alexei Navalny promises to transfer em to p in "to leaflets, to work of regional staffs and lawyers".

thus already on January 18, 2017 Alexei Navalny briefly published" Small report on a course of campaign and plans briefly ". From it followed that in December of last year from the population it was collected money:" Micropayments through LLC "YANDEKS" (purses and cash cards): 5.08 one million rubleymikroplatezhi through Paypal: 2.14 one million rubles of Bitcoin: 22.7 BTC, it today 1.19 million rubleypryamy bank transfers: 3.9 one million rubleyity: 12.31 one million rubles. Total of donors: 6 120 people"

I there is "unexpected": as the angered Alexei Navalny reported, Central bank Russian Federation (Bank Russia) demanded from " LLC "YANDEKS". Money" to close a purse his supporter Volkov Leonid. According to the blogger who already almost sees to itself the president, it looks so:" we are deprived illegally by the rights to use these electronic payments. I address to all: let's hit with ruble on the impudent muzzles spitting on the law and wishing to solve to whom to participate in elections and to whom — is not present".

Actually, company" LLC "YANDEKS". Money" reported Volkov Leonid that will not accept any more a donation on its personal purse and explained the reasons:" Caring of reputation and legality of service" LLC Non-commercial organization "Yandeks. Dengi" Volkov Leonid will convincingly ask the owner of a purse not to use in order to avoid violation "the rights and legitimate interests of NPO and the third parties. … In case of non-execution of our request within 5 calendar days we will be compelled to refuse unilaterally performance of the contract".

Here, it is necessary to assume, representatives "LLC "YANDEKS". Money" gloomy remembered history of almost three-year prescription, when in the same way on" LLC "YANDEKS". Purse" funds for the campaign headquarters Alexei Navalny when he stood in mayors of the capital were raised. As a result of actions improvised the blogger, charge of fraud, and in office" LLC "YANDEKS" was brought to them. Money" came investigators with a search. In more detail about it is in a material In the footsteps of an idol: where money "for Navalny" "left"?

As for PayPal, it is difficult to present that Alexei Navalny Volkov Leonid did not find time to examine the basic rules of this payment system which say: "Is inadmissible to use service PayPal for implementation of activity which … is connected with operations which … are carried out for financing or support of any political party, the political organization or for political reasons".

Certainly, "candidate for president" (after all — the lawyer) and its improvised well about it know. But once again prove that rules — it not for them. But after all these rules were violated also by all those people who hurried trustfully to transfer to accounts Volkov Leonid to the 2,1 million rubles. But this fact of the blogger at all does not excite.

there is a similar rule and at payment Qiwi system:" The user has no right to use Service … for commission of any operations connected with financing of political and public work of any persons, including non-profit and public organizations, except for the religious and charitable organizations registered in accordance with the established procedure".

A after the scandal made by Alexei Navalny, the same rule the company" accepted also LLC "YANDEKS". Money".

So, violations it is available. Trustfulness of "hamsters" Alexei Navalny who bear the blood money into unknown accounts to "future president" thus is amusing that presidential campaign in the country even was not declared yet. That is, all these whip-rounds have no official status.

Unless with the country already there began presidential race? Unless it already declared the Central Electoral Commission? Unless mister Alexei Navalny already wrote there the application and officially registered the campaign headquarters?


A after all only after that, as explained in conversation with Pravda. Ru the political scientist Matveychev Oleg , "only after that create an election fund. After that in absolutely transparent way as it is under control to the Central Electoral Commission, reports on this fund are given in time — what means arrived, whether there are no foreign sources there, whether there are no doubtful sources (a drug mafia, terrorists and t. e) ".

"All other statements that they go on presidential (elections) though still no elections presidential are present, are as a matter of fact fraud. Compare to that someone left and declares as if it on chess intergalactic tournament raises money, and people start paying. This obvious fraud. Therefore, of course, is inadmissible to use any services, electronic and other, for such appeals, collecting (money) etc." — Matveychev Oleg emphasized.

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