The tourist survived in mountains of Austria thanks to sent to United States of America to SOS signal

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The Swiss tourist who has fallen in a cleft in mountains Austria , could survive, having sent SOS signal to United States of America. As reports the Austrian TV channel ORF, this case struck even skilled rescuers.

the 40-year-old tourist, which name is not specified, fell in a crack in mountains of 15 meters in depth in Lungau's region (Federal Province of Salzburg). By means of the GPS navigator he sent a distress signal to the producer of this equipment to United States of America.

the Company, which name does not reveal, contacted Ministry foreign affairs Austria in to Vienna . Diplomats, in turn, reported about location of the tourist to rescuers in Lungau. As a result of the Swiss pulled out from a cleft and brought to hospital with injuries of a thorax and grazes.

"I was the member of rescue teams about 41 years. But I never faced anything similar. It is really unique case" — the head of mine rescuers Federal Province of Salzburg Balthasar Lerejter (Balthasar Laireiter).