Thieves released the wife of the Nigerian football player "Amkar"

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the Spouse of the Nigerian football player Perm "Amkar" Fegora Ogude Maimunat is released after six days of an imprisonment. As the friend of the family of the player reported, the woman kidnapped on last week came back home to the husband and children.

Maimunat Ogude it was stolen six days ago from the house to Varya's town (Nigerian staff the Delta), RIA Novosti news agency reminds . According to the football player, his wife was going to go with children on walk, but was gone and after its car was found in other city. Thus malefactors did not touch children of the football player.

the Nigerian press does not report, whether it was necessary to Ogude's family to pay repayment, but it is known, what earlier criminals demanded money from the player. On "Amkar's" official site it is noted that Ogude received additional holiday "in connection with current situation".